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Last update for (4)Lilac Unicorns : 2016, 08, 22 03:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4395 (4)Lilac Unicorns 128*128Freakling; concept: x-species0.6betaground

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 35 points


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Author's notes:

(4)Remake of (4)Purple Pony by x-species.
(4)Purple Pony

Ugly Ramps :3
And i cant be sure... but... tank holes?....

modified by Freakling
It might just be me, but the mains look small. The naturals seem kinda awkward, too. Not sure since I'm just looking at the map picture.

Symmetry pretty good. You are missing a second set of mineral only expansions at the middle?

I'm guessing this is just a rough sketch of the map, and decoration/tank holes will be taken care of later on, hopefully. Yeah, I can't guess who this may be.

And yes, ugly ramps.
modified by JungleTerrain
Very ugly mineral lines...
and bases do look small...
and the nats are awkward because green and purple have to use their ramps in the wallin...

And jea... missing those min onlies...

i have a vague idea who...

Lilac Unicorns
Purple Pony

Plus they both have the double geyser expansions....
modified by CrystalDrag
are you thinking stylezerg?
I thought about stylezerg too. I don't know, he always saying "simetry is not spot on", i don't understand that, but the simetry in this map is really good, but i don't think he forgot the 2 min onlies in the middle xD.
This is definetly freakling look at the mains inverted ramps.. cmon who else uses those? :D

(Very slight chance of this being lezerg's cuz of some mineral formations the unfinished map upload and bright picture..)
modified by LasTCursE
Crystal already had it right... Since x-species is unlikely to update it this is just a barebone sketch on the concept I quickly threw together.

I think there are still things that need work.

- jungle is right, main sizes are bottom borderline, Terran would definitely need a good building plan

- Maybe some one has a better idea as to how exactly to place those minonlies in front of the nat.

- double gas expos need a bit more room I think

- Maybe shrink the center plateau a bit? Get rid of those extra minonlies? (I like the basic conept, having double gas expos and additional minonlies)
modified by Freakling
Red and blue are kinda fucked up when it comes to expos cuz they don't have 2 min onlyes

i think you should remove the ones infront of the nats and put them somewhere in the low platform area.. making the rest unbuildable..

i also don't like the middle plateau it\'s too *forgets the word* Straight lined..
And fix download link
modified by LasTCursE
The middle minonlies are equidistant to each each player and thus should play out pretty neutral in any positionyl matchup... No one who isn't really desperate or already winning and in total map control would take them anyway, in my opinion. All the other expos yield so much more merits.
Loool it's better now ;p
One of the many many maps that deserve a proper redo.
I've often thought of doing this with some maps but I don't like editing other peoples maps.
modified by Phobic
x-species, now that you're here I am agogly waiting on some more of your feedback about this!
Is agogly a word?
Yes, but few people seem to know it (maybe it's old and long out of use or something like that? But I like it, sounds funny).
o_O Freakling DOES seem to use very old vocabulary none of us young people know..
Byproduct of learning a language from a distance? Maybe I picked stuff up from Shakespeare or something... I don't even know.

But it defintely exists:
I am really anticipating an edit.
I already know what the deco will look like :D Expect it finished this week.
I like the shape of the pink (?) main.
I like it for the most part. I don't like the center though. The center-most clutter makes for even pathing in cross positions. The two mineral onlys there I think should be removed.
If you don't have a better idea for what to do with the center you could maybe construct a center similar to that of (4)return of the king (the highground basillica part). You'd need to enlarge the highground a bit to do that, but I think the lowground portions won't be hurt by being shrunk a bit. The lowground is sort of obnoxiously open right next to the center anyway.

I am agog for your update~
I liek the deforation :D
Make more possible ovie spots?.
From what I know, Freakling is very busy :P just like me.
Yeah... Busy making this...
I should never make promisses like "finished thsi week". Never gonna keep them. Me needing a multiple of the time to put sophisticated deco patterns on a map than to actually make it has become a reoccuring incidence by now...

Anyway here it is. Enjoy (I might add some some more doodads on the low ground edges...)

I don't get what marjoo is saying. I guess he means uneven pathing, but if you look at which paths units actually take (and which ones they would take if there was no barrier in the center) that's really not much of a problem. And I don't want to remove the center expos because they are part of this map's unique touch and concept...
I definitely won't make the middle like in RotK, it already is a lot like that and adding another terrain plateau would either make pathing really confusing and/or make the narrow "ridge" paths totally awkward.

I guess you mean "decoration", Crystal? Or do you mean "deformation" (like asymmetry, contradicting marjoo?) I just assume thaat you don't mean "defloration" right now. But if you do I am really all agog to get your explanation for that ;)
I like it :)
Even number of paths, as opposed to odd; from pink to green there are two paths for units to take which can annoyingly split armies and/or lead accidentally to (or make it easier to deliberately force) base-trade scenarios as armies pass eachother unknowingly.
Update with observer version
- moved clockwise ramp to low ground away from nat choke
- adjusted resources to match my current standards
- changed resource values of double gas expos to 8x1000/2x2496
modified by Freakling
The nats have 8 patches. The min only have 6 at 1000. The double gas bases are 8 mins and 2 half gases.

Great map.

It's a bit more complicated, actually:

Main: 9/1
Nat: 8/1
3rd/Double Gas: 8@1000/2@2496
Low Ground Mineral Onlies: 6@1000
Neutral/Middle Mineral Onlies: 6
modified by Freakling
obs mode is messed up, people start off visioned to each other

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