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Last update for (2)Somber Spark : 2012, 01, 06 21:39
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4450 (2)Somber Spark 128*96K_A0.3finalground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Whatya think?
My first thought was "wierd", but then i liked the concept :).
I don't about the size of the paths in the middle, but if they areopen enough i think this would be a fun map to play.
The mains look kinda small. I don't think that third gas is safe enough, too, at 6 and 12.
Deco isn't finished, tight? So I'll not speculate about terran's ability to push and contain with turrets.
I am not sure about the mains. Could be OK in size, especially if you can build additional production buildings in other spots...

3rd gas possibilities could be hard because all the expos are so open.

What I would change is give the middle expos gas and make the lowground passage in the middle the other way around (i.e. top left to bottom right instead of bottom left to top right.

Maybe you could add a choke behind the close thord gas expo and block it off with a Xel Naga temple or something like that so it start out as a dropable cliff.

And maybe remove the corner gas expos because there are a lot of expos huddled together.
Changed the 3rd gas at 12 and 6 so 3rd gas shouldn't be as hard this also helped with your idea about it being dropable.

Changing the position of the ramps in the middle would screw up pathing + make it tighter than it already is so I'm not doing that.

Changed corner expansion positioning to fit better with the new 3rd

Moved and adjusted the width of several ramps.
modified by K_A
make sure that blending behind natural still hides mutalisk on the other side :)
12 and 6 so harrasable by tanks
Mutalisks are most certainly hidden on the other side of that cliff.
I don't think tanks will be broken at 6 and 12.
Also, I have no idea how to decorate a large crushed rock area that makes it unbuildable.
No idea how to decorate?! Fortunately that can be helped!

Let me show you some samples:

Scattered crevices

Bridge covering

Spotted crushed rock

Shattered flagstones
I can help with decoration :D
Edit: Updated map, took away the lower ground section in the middle in favor of an open middle section.
Now working on some deco.

Everything is all set to play now.
modified by K_A
You canno use what I called "spotted crushed rock" as medium ground deco. All those tiles are low ground, even the "high ramp" tiles. That's why you can't really use high sunken ground as terrain too. You can use the tiles from the high basilica amps though (but they don't have a special texture)
The tiles I used don't seem to change vision at all. Are you sure?

Edit: Nevermind, for some reason I didn't realize you were talking about the high ground.

Picture and other decoration is fixed now too.
modified by K_A
add some low dirt to the low expansions. :( too much flagstone and crushed rock
Happy now?
si y amigo :P
More spots on the rocks!

I don't like how those high ground expos at 6/12 are tankable from all around.
I also don't like how the cliff behind the minerals of those expos is in tank range of the low grund expo's gas (and probably the outer minerals too).

Finally you should push the nat towards the edge of the map and make the ovi spot/wall next to it thicker, creating a longer choke (to prevent easy hydra/lurker breaks) and preventing tanks from hitting stuff from all kinds of weird angles.

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