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Last update for (4) Art Of War : 2014, 01, 22 14:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4713 (4) Art Of War 128*128Ganache0.3betaground

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Good job, I like it.
Needs better pic resolution
I had some difficulties uploading, which is why I bumped the resolution so low.
If the picture was over 500MB, you could have just lowered the jpg quality settings.

Looks really nice for a first-time map

However, nat to nat distances are too short and all the other expos seem to be too open.
I mainly wanted to make a map that looked really good and professional, aside from that... I'll be honest in saying that I have no idea about map balance and what not. If anyone could provide some insight as to how, if or in what context a map like this could work, that would be majorly helpful also for future development.

Are the Natural distances bad for any match up in particular or is it for all match ups? And which races would benefit from the open expansions and which would have a hard time?

Thanks for the help!
It's usually the less agressive race in a matchup that suffers from short nat to nat distance.

In ZvT Zerg has problems with early marine pressure, in TvP Terran cannot take an exansion against constant Zealot/goon pressure, butt later on push distance for terran is also very short and Protoss doesn't have much leeway in stopping a terran push. In PvZ ling runbys before cannons are finished are pretty much an instant loss.

For this kind of map setup take a look at maps like Ground Zero, Circuit Breakers or EotS and look how they arranged their naturals.

Open expos aren't an absolute no-no per se, but terran will usually have trouble holding them until they have a sizeable tank force, at least against Protoss.
Protoss can usually hold any expo with cannon spam, so a close-by open expo, that can be taken early, is usually good for Protoss, if those expos are rather far off, handling late game Zerg agression all over the place and constant terran vultre harassment can still be a rpoblem for Protoss.
Zerg cannot defend those kind of expos except with a sizeable army/lurker force, similar to terran.
The problem I am having at the moment is that I can\'t really reduce the distances without changing the look of the center. I could add some destructible objects to slow things slightly, however, doing that would dramatically increase the potency of pushes...

I can see 3 hatch hydra being a thing on this map as well as dragoon heavy protoss openings. I could try to bring the natural to just below the third and put the third just above the natural (swap)... I\'m just afraid that would lose one some of the appearance that I liked :P.

What do you think?
modified by Ganache
Major Changes made:

Changed Natural Expansion location,
Removed ramp to high ground,
Changed High ground next to natural,
Narrowed choke point to main base (for easier 3rd), Relocated Mineral only,
Placed Ruins for non-build-able terrain.

Please let me know what you think of the changes, better or worse?
modified by Ganache
Definitely better, although the corridor right outside the natural is probably too tight and leaves too little open space between vertical spawns.

Also the pairs of expos at 12 and 6 are too close to each other. It's effectively like having 2 bases in 1, since in most situations a player who's able to secure one of those bases will be able to secure both - especially since the high openness of those bases means a player will have to keep a large army parked in that area to keep the base(s) safe. I'd suggest just changing these pairs of bases to 1 base per location, and adding some kind of choke-point to enable easier defense.

A note for all maps you make including this one: the gas geyser in the main should always be either directly above or to the left of the start location, since those positions have the highest mining rate. Additional bases can often vary to maintain symmetry, but the main geysers' mining rates must remain standardized because 1) minor differences in income have the strongest effect in the early game, and 2) the mains have so much open space that resource asymmetry has a negligible effect.
You could probably decrease the size of the mains a little bit by shifting the naturals closer to the mains...
Will do... I'm not sure how I'm going to keep the look I want while modifying the 12 and 6 expansions, but I'll work at it.

I will also try moving the natural closer to the main, should leave more space in the lane outside of the natural and it will increase vertical rush distance.

Thanks for advice.

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