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Last update for (4)Contact1.1 : 2005, 11, 04 22:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
446 (4)Contact1.1 128*128Travin0.9final

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 60 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i dont know if i should make the nats completly unsieigeable or not from the area behind
Hmm... the T could kill two expansions without any problems. Ok, he can't build turrets near the "wall" but still it`s quite hard to kick his ass then. But i like it somehow, could be very cool in 2on2.

Anyway, the rest of the map are small ways which are +T and with the siegable natural it`s +T again, maybe to T-ish. I really doubt that you can win against a pushing T with these small ways. No way to flank or pull him into open land to surround his troops.

Next thing are the "random min-onlys". While the min-only on top right corner lies really cool, with a possible way to evade sunkens on the min-only by walking the other way to the natural, the other min-onlies lie different and haven't that nice idea or something tactical similar.

It just looks like the map is to small, to packed to be something different then absolutely pro T :/
It's true the map seems to be pro-T, especially because of the small paths in the middle.
I don't really see why you should change the possibility of cliffing the natural from behind. As terran cannot build turrets, a tankdrop is not overwhelming which makes this a chance/possibility for terran, but not the victory.

In addition, I like the look of the "isles" on top & bottom, they look very nice :>

Anyway, the map is filled too much. There is no structure, it looks more as if you'd wanted to integrate as much ideas as possible- but you implanted more than it would have been necessary.
Now, the map is imbalanced, even beside the mentioned major differences concerning the position of the minonly.
It is just too full which makes the actual fighting zone too small- which is giving terran a major advantage. And especially in 2on2, there won't be enough space to get a game going.

My suggestion: erase the little water-lake above the wall of the bottom island.
Take the parts of the larger lakes that point towards the middle (should be about the half of the large left lake, and even more of the right large lake, here you should change as much water to ground as you need until the lake doesn't go further to the middle as the minonly does) and erase them, too. Now your middle got more free space, and the minonlys are more balanced. Now the minonlys are all together attackable being more exposed to the middle.

And you got more free space for fighting in 2on2.
bigger center
untankable nats
harder to valleypush 3 and 9 expo
imo, it has too narrow path...
but it looks very awesome:)

--LGI vs fdsaf(1on1, 1.13)

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