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Last update for (2)After Cloudia : 2012, 10, 09 23:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4532 (2)After Cloudia 96*128CrystalDrag0.7betaground

The map has been rated 35 times and got a total of 24 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Obnoxious name, but whatever.

I like the map. Decoration is a little boring; not sure why you chose space tileset given how much of that lowground shit you ended up using.

The mains look a little big from the picture, is this not the case?

The side paths are a little too close to the other paths such that they won't always be as useful as they ought. One instance where you can easily fix this is to enlarge the bridges (or make them not bridges to make it easier to widen them) so that units can take that path without being so easily hit or herded from forces coming off the highground.

I'm not sure the corner expos are the best uses of that space. You'd get more out of the space if you didn't use highground.

Is it ok for the 5ths to be so far away in spite of no room for a min only? Looks tough for zerg to take those 5ths in spite of the myriad of paths.
mineral onlies will interfere with pathing, maybe move them back into the mains more... main does appear to have too much space.
Dark bridges look ugly, use solar array

my eyes may be failing me but it looks like the corners could the 5ths.. which would then make the 4th difficult to take
O_o So this is not the newest Crystal map?! Well, I guess any one's mass-mapping capabilities are limited somewhere :P

*lol*, marjoo, that's exactly why he (or she?/it?!?!!) used space tileset: If you want three terrain levels with buildable high ground, there just is no alternative...

Map name is plain idiotic...

I would always take the corner expos as 4th... So much safer and about as far from the 3rd as the side expo is from the nat, but farther away from the enemy...

I see a lot of really badly placed resources on the picture... Do not place stuff on cliffs/unwalkable ground like that. Minerals tend to end up un(auto)mineable and geysers even unbuildable (and hence useless). Especially blues nat and 3rd need the gas moved.
You can use sunken ground -> crushed rock -> bascilla with blends.
But sunken rock is just normal low ground, same as crushed rock, so it's not functionally the same.
Ah he edited it a fair amount after I posted.

I agree with freakling that you should look into the resource placement.

I dunno if I like that min only placement; crystal is correct that it obstructs critical pathing. Maybe it's ok though...

Sorry freakling I don't remember how bw mapping works anymore tt
haha " not sure why you chose space tileset given how much of that lowground shit you ended up using."

nmjoo classic
Reminds me of Match Point...
Is this neobowman?
He hasn't posted a map in ages, what makes you think it's him?!
No surprise there...
All considering the major problem of this map is not being 112x128...
Ah i was trying something different from other recent maps by me..

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