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Last update for (2)Cross G : 2021, 05, 16 01:53
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4580 (2)Cross G otherCrystalDrag;Freakling1.2leagueground

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 74 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)


Coments plz. :)

Your comment

(and it's actually really flatering to see that I successfully changed the way mapers think about and work with ash terrain here on site :D )
modified by Freakling

Bump ;-; i really need some feedback so i can work on it at school

YOu could probably move the expos at 5 and 11 more into the corners and make them more defendable.

Added a suggestion in GMCS

Layout reminds me a lot of Daybreak (SC2 map):

There! :)
should make 5 and 11 high ground or no
modified by CrystalDrag

Probably... I definitely think you could do something more with those expos...

Does nat to nat pathing actually go through the middle bridge by the way? Looks moe like a scout would actually take one of the outer routes.

Okay i will make the 5 and 11 highground.
They take the outer routes... i really want them to go through the middle... do you know how i can do it?

Would extending the Lava bridges more towards the center and adding some junk to the high ground solvethe problem?
modified by CrystalDrag

Just mover hte minonlies, the magma behind them and the high ground a bit, so the middle path is shortened and the outer path lengthened. One or two tile may suffice, but you need to test it in game of course.

Can you do GMCs? I have no idea what you are talking about


EDIT: What the heck, did you just update it? Looks OK, but lol at that random neutral building :P
modified by Freakling

You should probably remove that clutter at the main edge... Or make it a real cliff/ovi spot... Mains look huge anyway.

Deco done 6.6 no feedback from anyone elsee?
freakling how do i make overlord spots so that lings cant fit in there?... i dont understand hazard black still.

Why would it matter if lings fit in OV Spots? Maybe I have the wrong idea of an ov spot but I thought OV spots were where an ov could hover to view part of the enemy's base/nat without being able to be hit by marines/dragoons/hydras...?

Hide them zerglins in the OV spot for counter attack

Not sure I understand your problem with the ovi spots... but just try using certain vision blocking doodads and a lot of tile editing...

do for me. :D

No do for you. You big boy. You can do self!


- added Ovi spots at nats
- moved corner expo minerals closer to cliff
- played around with some ground textures for unbuildbale dirt...

Thanks You! ^^

I guess I should upload the tourney version for this one....

Should have renamed it before the uplaoad :\

Anyway... Only change are those extra doodads at the nat chokes to make them narrower and more easily wallable...

I'm currently working on an ash tileset map, do you care if I copy a couple of the blended high dirt to magma tile edits you used for this map?

You mean what essentially looks like crevices on high dirt? Of course, go ahead. Not that any one had a copyright on certain blends anyway :P

The blend from high dirt to the magma is actually easy, just select part of the low ground that doesnt touch the dirt and shift it over to the high ground, then put the magma on the debris left over

Oh, you mean the cliffs... Right... Those are easy, too... There are only 5 different front sides, 3 different backsides and 3 different edges for cliffs... So creating a dumpmap to copy from should only require 2 minutes or so...

Cramped as hell, but at least you have a decent third this time...

Why is this an official map lol. Over the 7ish years this site has been around, I think there's been better offerings. Did Panschk give Freakling and Crystal some request to look after the site? I dunno, I just think it kinda makes the site look bad if this is called official. Just use a normal BWMN watermark keke. Not that it really matters, I just think it's silly.

I don't see how this is cramped at all... According to which standard? Compared to which map?

If you have better suggestions, there's a whole thread for you to do something constructive and suggest them. Or at least give us an idea of what you are even talking about.
I doubt that you can find many 7(or even just 3-ish)-year old maps that can match this one in terms of playability.

Panschk never did give any one official request to do anything. The principle is much simpler: Who contributes and does the work decides.

If you cannot be bothered I'd suggest you stop posting at all, ... to distance yourself from our sillyness and stuff...

This post is not displayed due to its content

Yeah, that map's name is (4)big tits... 'nough said.

Im not in love with this 1 :(

I not that fond of this one either lezerg. :P

From the casts I watched on this map, seems many people have problem with the 3rds and mineral-onlines, because they have to spread their army more...
This map was meant for counterattacking more, but is this a issue that needs to be resolved?

From what I've seen it seems to play out fine for the most part. People don't try to cheese, which is always a good sign, and the longest and most epic game so far where on this map.
From what expos people take and how they place their armies it has played out as I expected so far.

Minonlies - well, I just would not take them, at least not early... People just took them out of poor judgement or lack of alternatives... Or because they were terran and can hold pretty much any spot with sieged up tanks nearby ;P
Thirds: very safe and close by for all races...

I think tightening the nat choke would do more for balance than any other change.
I left it a bit wider, because the defender already has uphill advantage and terran bunker expand shouldn't be too trivial...
However the whole nat is quite spacious, and from the cast it really seems like it's mostly hard on toss, because they need to wall in vs. Zerg and do not have strong uphill campers, like lurks and tanks.
Just extending the ovi cliffs a tile or two further north (the choke is 8 tiles right now, between those doodads) would do the job.

And terran seems to have problems pushing out, because of the many flanking paths and openness, but it's hard to tell for sure, I think, because the only long mixed-race terran game (tvz) had terran in a permanent disadvantage to start with...
But tightening the central lava choke and adding some building space for turrets nearby (where there are the big shale areas right now) would certainly not hurt.


It was TvT with lot of dropship play? ThAt was a good one :)
I saw the troubles of the pvz wallin too, but mAybe an egg to also close the doodad gap of the ovie spot woul d work also work i think

Funny proxy dt one, i think that game the protoss was thinking sc2 and try to get warpgate
modified by CrystalDrag

Why? Proxy DT is a valid tactic. And it was quite effective and he eventually won that game.

But he got the air weapons attack 1 which was funny :)

Really? Maybe he was faking range and then forgot about it...

Hmm... canceling upgrades give the full refund, so doubt matter... But yeah he got air weapons, cause caster thought he might go for proxy scout haha.

I watched the replay again.
What happens is that he sees the scout SCV entering his base, and immediately starts air upgrade to fake range and obscure his proxy, which leaves him with just enough minerals to start his proxy pylon in his opponents 3rd.
As soon as his goon kills the SCV he cancels the upgrade.
So pretty standard play flawlessly executed.
modified by CrystalDrag
Some things i need to resolve.
1.)The natural gas at 2 is not directly above the natural HCN, while the one at 8 is directly below.. Are they balanced?
2.)The 3rds gas are really awkward.. Will i have to move them between the minerals and touching the edge of the map?
3.)6 o clock\'s gas makes it difficult to balance for comsat... most likely will have to move it to the other side?
Just want to know if you have any data on this before i start my testing.

Annddd. I swear i saw "testbug" in the Online tab..
modified by CrystalDrag
We have an online tab? O_O or is that admins only? But that'd be pretty cool if all the old mappers popped up randomly :D
If you look to the left..

I saw your name pop out, which was when you posted ^
Huh I can't click on the online...does it just display names under it when theyre online?
Mine and Freakling's may not appear because we have color names...
1. Nat gases are made to be as balanced as possible for Zerg, but you can countercheck mining rates for T and P.

2. How are they awkward?

3. Sure, you can do that.
2. The gas is really close to the ramp, and arnt directly below/under the HCN

No... I got caught hacking into computer so i banned for two weeks. I try to finish all today.
I may not finish this at all. In case that i dont; here are the problems i havent gotten to
11,6th(this one is stubborn for all races)

all of them need to be tested for other races because i go P->T->Z
Nydus Canals are fun. modify the phase variance

Also consider switching the positions of gas for nats or thirds to opposite side of HCN to balance gas. NE currently has 3 geysers to north while SW has 1 geyser to the north and 2 geysers to the south

modified by CrystalDrag
Also freakling, sometimes protoss assimilators on the top position for the right need to have three tiles unwalkable, or workers spawn even farther.
X X l
modified by CrystalDrag
Debugged (I Think.)
I know... It's not only Protoss, though. Saryesik east low ground 3rd has that issue, I guess that's why you put that big doodad there in the first place...

I will finish this and Gemlong tomorrow then.
also the NE natural
No, NE was fine after I changed it to rock doodads... Can't remember what it was you put there...
I put a house doodad as well
Version 1.06 O_o Wasn't the last one just 1.03?
updated with obs version.

1(main is the 1oclock
maintested with zerg ,natural problem...
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
Can you try to fix/improve on it?
What about the other races?
What about the other maps?
I am going to try to fix the gas for Zerg first, as it is moat important, hen i am going to do the other rates and maps.
Nice :D
There defintely is a problem trying to balance the natural gas, because of either top/bottom or right/left... I am going to edit it so that the naturals and third gases balances out, like in voidrim.. closets i can get to improving. I will upload the new map once i give all the races for this map. Expect one resource data every day.
I think there was actually some pathing bug at the SW Nat, which is why the mining rate is so bad (260), which is why I made the other nat deliberately worse (top right is worse than top left or right on top). Maybe you can fix it by having the geysers face the other direction, which also make them more exposed though, but with the now tight nat choke that should not be much of a problem.

By the way, what does the name "Cross Game" actually mean/where did it come from?
modified by Freakling
i have data that i will upload tomorrow for all theee races on this map.
It comes from Japanese Visual Kei Band "The GazettE" song
Should've expected that origin coming from Crystal
There seems to be a bad mining rate for terran for geysers directly south (260) Could you check on them Freakling?... all the others are 280+ for the most part.
It seems terran just mines badly from south geysers...
But have a look at my post in the Demonio thread
I am testing gas with this map, nothing different except the geysers reversed at the natural.
Cannot find that song... Did you actually mean this:

It's a different band, isn't it?
oh woops, Alice Nine :3
is it important? o.o i can always come up with more asian names...
speaking of names.. FML needs to be changed...
modified by CrystalDrag
What's that song about, anyways, and how does it relate to this map?
What we sware as we admired where the light shines upon
is the future we will build upon that's ours and ours alone.
Where even the light of dawn pierces far and bright,
in the wonderland that's awakening.

wave of emotions that flooded in are drawing near,
in a world unsolvable with algorithms.
should you ever lose the light,
the hourglass behind your hearts will never reset
so, let the dice fly, get out and follow the light

may you soar into tomorrow, faster
than your heart can beat,
through your journey with no end in sight,
there are no meaningless tears here
so let this reach you, voice out there
I just happened i listen to them alot when i made this map, nd named it after my favorite song by them
the music video especiallyeeminded me of the sty i usedoriginally, with curves and awesome lava shapes
modified by CrystalDrag
Ah shit. realized i wasnt using comsat stations.
Freakling are you going to update this with the different nat geysers?

how long soes it take yall to add me on skype.....

modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
1. I am only going to do any further gas position updates after you are done testing the mining rates, because I do not want to do work twice...

2. I will add you on skype, all right.
Did for.
Well, I reuploaded the version I have...
I did the gas testings for the geysers reversed...
Gas at natural reversed... Tested all three races for gas, no major path issues..
I checked. It's the newest vesion used in the ICCup map pack. Only the picture in the announcement, for some unintelligible reason, is old...
This map is used to demonstrate a high resolution mod here:
click here

Update for Cross Game that iCCup.Face asked for:
  • reworked all the ramps to remove all terrain level inconsistencies and fix a bug, caused by a specific tile, that would cause unit to get stacked and stuck on several of the ramps.
  • revamped some mineral lines to fix some mining issues

18th November 2015
-Changed name from 1.04 to 1.05
Need to fix pylon wall at the 3 o clock.
19th February 2016
Version 1.06 Cross Game
-Fixed pylon walling at 3 o clock.
Just realized from watching ICCup Nation Wars that the shortest/auto-picked route from main to main is right now the south route instead of the central one. Gotta change that before the next ICCup update...
Yeah that would be good.
modified by CardinalAllin
Your commentlooks fantastic... I want to use this in a upcoming clan tour. USEast CH: Clan SK
Updated the Version from 1.06 to 1.08 (the version used in 2019 leagues)

Upload replay for this map
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