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Last update for (2)Tar Basin : 2020, 10, 15 04:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4592 (2)Tar Basin 96*96Freakling0.3betaground

The map has been rated 94 times and got a total of 24 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Something makes me want to say Freakling, because of Elephant in the Bottle, but it could be LeZerg too..
Blue's gas looks tankable, as well as his natuarals..

Also, just the name of "Tar Basin" sounds like something Freakling would come up with.

And many people are far too lazy or inexperienced to created this symetry map.
modified by CrystalDrag
1. My 96² Ash map is actually called elephant in bottleneck!

2. Only if you can get a tank up there :P

3. Now I am curious: How is "Tar Basin" something I would come up with?!

3. I daresay it's not harder than any other symmetry :P
Minerals that are placed on unbuildable terrain might be bugged.
I would gladly lift a proxy factory...
And it just seems like it. o_o
Or should i say patience... Think that is better term. 3 player maps actually hardest...

And you are not denying it Freakling? I don't know who this is. o_o If one of the new mappers, you have improved very much.
Yea this is freaklings.
Yea this is freaklings.
The ramps look kinda offangle...
@Jungle: Minerals on unbuildable terrain mine normal. If you mean the bug where workers won't automatically acquire mineral patches automatically, and sometimes even stop mining when you order them manually, that only happens when minerals are on unpassable ground, which, thanks to the wonders of tile editing, none of them are here.

@traceur: They may look, however you think they look like, but factually they are perfectly symmetrical.
modified by Freakling
Called it...
Mineral only in them middle tankable from the main?
I am pretty sure that everything is nicely spaced apart, so there are no odd, unintended tank angles anywhere.
I haven't done final testing yet, but there cannot possibly be anything that a little doodad wouldn't patch up nicely...
Also, another reason why i though it was yours is because you tend to map symmetries that arn't used as often, or tend to show a solution to another map (Mizu de Chaud)
This post is not displayed due to its content
Symmetry is as perfect as it gets... Compare it in the editor, if you do not believe me/ allow your brain's visual centre to deceive you.

This has nothing to do with Mizu.
modified by Freakling
Look at it under the extra large grid and count square distance. Freakling is 100% right about the symmetry.
isn't the map low on expos?
modified by Taranok
It's 96²!

And 4 gas per player should suffice to get some macro going...

Match Point is basically as low on expos...

Enough reasons?
Freakling, i know you are busy, but two things i must inquire of you
1.) How is writing the article for mineral/gas balance+unbugging going?
2.) Can you write a guide on how to make 3 player maps?

I've constantly tried to apply the things in (3)Blackout But i always end up with a corner scrunched up, which is terrible for the symmetry on the other side and leaves alot of wasted space.
Sorry, I did too much of that mineral gas stuff for the tourney, needed some break, i.e. some actual map making, first :P It'll be there soon, so we can work on the next map pack...

Maybe I can write a guide on map symmetries. But It would probably be very abstract.
Im such a fan of this type of symmetry :) , not sure how i feel about the size of this tho
Actually diagonal axial symmetry is the best way to make a map this size work.
Maybe an egg (or egg stack) instead of a mineral block?
Cannot stack eggs (or any non-building units, for that matter). And I really think mineral stacks work much better here; and eggs in those places would be a pain to break.
modified by Freakling
Update to version 1.00
  • Added ridge in the middle of the open area in the top left
  • Finished deco
  • Pathfinding debugging
  • Created version with 1.22 updated ramps (1.22 version is the melee download, 1.16 version is the observer downlöoad)
Thanks for the 1.16 version of the map
Do you really need that mineral block?

How do those small ramps work?

(Sorry if it’s somewhere on the thread)
What do you mean by "how they work"? They are "815 ramps" that block out units with a big collision size.
The mineral block is needed to prevent Ling run-bys in PvZ, or M&Ms bypassing frontal defences in a ZvT.
Wanted to be sure if ramps = 815

Travel distance looks pretty long for that back path.. imo.

As is, the block only gets cleared for taking expo.. I prefer it to be used for harassment.. plus could a zlot block be enough? Has this been tested? What is the general player feedback?
I will asume everyone prefers safer expos
1v1 S rank show match on tar basin.
modified by Freakling

--cryoc vs dragon(1on1, 1.15)
--cryoc vs dragon(1on1, 1.15)

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