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Last update for (2)Mizu de Chaud 1.2 : 2013, 02, 12 06:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4591 (2)Mizu de Chaud 1.2 96*96itsamystery0.5experimentalground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 28 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hmmm... Definitely not Crystal this time...

What language is that, anyway? Looks very romanic, possibly french, but "mizu" is not a word in any language I know anything about...
List of things that need to be improved:

- Mains look a bit awkward, and I think they are much too small.

- 96 maps are problematic anyway, concerning space and distances, so you should not waste so much of it.

- those corner low ground mineral aggregations are a bad idea, maybe a ice idea for some campaign/UMS map, but in a melee map you cannot use them well, and workers will become confused, because they cannot reach some of the mineral fields.

- mineral formations in general are either bad or ugly here, most of them both!

- Having unwalkable doodads all over the place, like on the island expos, is also mildly annoying...
modified by Freakling
japanese? mizu is \"water\" i think but that doesnt fit.
the point of those munerals jn the corner, and the spamming of doodads on the islands?
modified by CrystalDrag
I'm guessing Red and Blue are the actual starting locations?

In that case, I cannot really tell much about balance since the map is so nonstandard. The main itself doesn't even have a gas, and the "natural", which can really be seen as merely another base inside your main, is super easy to protect.

I can't really theory craft much about this, and I might even be wrong as to which Starting Locations are the actual ones...
You're right... "mizu" = jap. "water", "de chaud" = fr. "of heat".... So basically this map's name seem to be "french hot water from japan"... Weird...
Concerning jungle's comment: If those are the real spawns, then it'll be terrible for some matchups...
modified by Freakling
Would make more sense for teal/purple to be spawn locations not only for the gas, but also so Z can defend with sunkens.

No idea who made this - I'm pretty sure all the regulars on the site are capable of better mapmaking than this. Lots of weird mineral formations, and the "cliff-hole" terrain is sloppily done.
modified by NegativeZero
4th Feb 2013
I guess this is Blueblimp, after his recent teamliquid thread:
TL thread

The double gas nats and none in the main is the big clue.
Is this your first map? Welcome from me anyway hehe.

I will post in that ZvZ thread soon, and I will post answers to recent questions on this site soon. Been really busy.

modified by CardinalAllin
So this is intended to be a ZvZ only map? Can't make any real balance comments if that's the case, although there will be a lot of blind counter builds with people trying to 12-hatch to take the gas getting hard countered by people going early pool into slow-ling all-in off the min only base.
modified by NegativeZero
Other expos are weirdly placed, and I feel like all this will do is make ling play more important, and delay mutas but then it'll be moar mutas...won't change the meta too much...
Isnt all zvz matchups balanced on any map besides postional (im)balance of the map?
i would 4 pool every game
Fantasy is imba xD I guess it could be arguable rotational symmetry is imbalanced...also that thing freakling wrote about where there's less space to manouver in top-down spawns cuz of the two tiles...
modified by Chef
Actually, I guess this is PaperMonster.
maybe blueblimp is papermonster?
TvP bunker rush? Scout earlyif no 2 gate then bunker rush
Literally the only similarity between this map and the one you just linked are that they are ash tileset and use the same inverted ramps...
Both maps are for ZvZ ._.
It wasn't ever confirmed that this map was based on that TL thread CardinalAllin linked, was it? The only thing shared between this map and what was described in the thread is the 0 gas main/2 gas nat.

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