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Last update for (4)[BWMN]Saryesik Aty : 2013, 04, 04 23:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4605 (4)[BWMN]Saryesik Aty 128*128CrystalDrag; Freakling0.1betaground

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 5 points


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Testing so far ::


SE Natural Gas
E Natural Gas
NE Natural Gas
SW Main 9th
NE + E Gas Far Spawn


E Natural Gas w/ Comsat and mineral 7th

NE Natural Gas w/ Comsat
SW Main 9th
NE + E Gas Far Spawn


SW Main 9th
NE + E Gas Far Spawn

This is how far I got today:

- edited nat chokes for better balance (tank ranges from main, wallins)
- moved two ramps by hex
- pushed the paths to the low ground 3rds towards the edge (only western half so farm and absolutely no fine tuning or redecoration...)

together these changes solve two pathfinding problems:
- units take the high ground path when moving vertically from nat to nat
- units moving diagonally from top left to bottom right will now properly take the path through both of the middle ramps.

Tanks should also not be able to reach egg walls from the high ground now, only that there arent any egg walls yet, right now :P

I also:

- edited a lot of the bridge terrain, because it looked blocky
- fixed some blocky looking ramp tiles
- spammed some doodads to fix drop holes... Does not exactly look good though ;/

Maybe you can take it up from here, Crystal? I dont exactly have the time to finish this right now...
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
broken ramps in middle?
Not broken... Just incompletely fixed...
Yeah i can take it up from here...
Made inverted ramps look less chunky...
Fix the rest of everything...
changed the doodads with a two spammed tiles that look alright...
Repositioned some minerals that looked like would create problems in oversaturation..
Basically everything else....
And renamed it, because with the BWMN tag it too long. :D
Will start testing resources.
modified by CrystalDrag
I would have removed the "v1.1" instead of half the name...

Have you tested, if pathfinding works correct for both halves of the map in the finished version?

"changed the doodads with a two spammed tiles that look alright..."
No comprendo nada...
Nevermind, I get now, that you are referring to the "tank hole blockers"
modified by Freakling
Well, They go bump into the egg wall and then go through the highground- im going to find out why that happens.
I might change the name once i done resource balancing. I need the versions number on there T_T

And are you spanish speaking? o.O
modified by CrystalDrag
Probably just matter of adding a small cliff edge somewhere to fix the pathfinding.
To make it a bit shorter, won't help much but might be nice, is taking out the [] from the name? So it'll just be (4)BWMN Oxide1.0
No. The [BWMN] Looks awesome on the website.
And when you download a map with [] in it it just gets rid of it.
Is this okay?
With respect to what exactly?
With respect to the third pathways. The pathing goes through the high ground.
You might want to add this :
Zerg with a geyser directly can show this path:

.._ Hatchery

Adding a doodad where the O is fixes it for the most part.
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
If you tested pathing and know it's fine, why are you asking me O_o?

Can you make an animation of that gas bug you are describing?

Are resources debugged? I don't really like semi-stacked minerals... Make it harder to split workers on them, and it's not clear what patch a worker is mining from, stacked workers are harder to select separately, and splash harassment (reaver/tank/lurker/storm) is potentially stronger...
modified by Freakling
Reaources are not sebugged yet
yea i will make an animation.... by using a gif file or video?

i will finish debugging and then upload for you to look at it yull see on the debughed one that there will be only about... 2 minerals stacked, the one at the ne natural as it is right now and at the east(not updated) have stacked. and my thougths::
for east 3rd, hardly any space for drop as effexitve as a natural
for ne natural, it is a horizontal mineral line, which means it spreads put naturally. it actually makes it to similar length as the verticAl lines
modified by CrystalDrag
Resources debugged.
When i try to recreate the bugged geyser, its strange because it does not do it anymore. It had to also include something to do with the mineral patch that one hex away from it... which is strange.
modified by CrystalDrag

Nevermind Not debugged.
modified by CrystalDrag

Nevermind debugged.
modified by CrystalDrag

Just forget about the weird gas i was talking about. ZZ.
modified by CrystalDrag
Tag this picture
tag, obs version, fixed melee triggers, some nit-picky stuff like making the egg walls scarab-penetrable....
M1-1,2 bugged minerals fixed...
Hope this was the only oversight.
Oops.. That main i changed the minerals a bit from original, and i guess i made another problem....
Are you submitting this for me?
\"So I submit Oxide, Cyrstal Saryesik, and jungle Love :D\"

Fix the observer version for this. It only has turn on vision for player 1 and 2
modified by CrystalDrag
I think what he's saying is Freakling submits oxide, you submit saryesik and jungle submits love...yah...
I'll fix obs version and make a training version.

I can also submit this to fry, as your entry.
I already send him Oxide, as well as Demonio as a suggestion, though I doubt he takes maps from unknown authors... Whom would you reward a price to?
observer version fixed.
You submitted, or will i have to?
And there is a Rock doodad next to the ramp at NE...
Why did you add this? Terran can now wallin against zealots with just one rax now... All the others need one depot and one rax.
modified by CrystalDrag
I submitted.
Rock doodad is there to allow marine spawn inside base for that location...

Updated with doodad moved one tile to the left.
modified by Freakling
Another update.
- Changed resources at eastern low ground 3rd
- Fixed blocky sand tiles/doodads
This occurred to me because of comments on The D, but will 12 pool -> 2 Hatch Muta in ZvT(in close air spawns) be a problem for Terran, since it'll hit like way before stim can Terran deal with it? How does Terran deal with it on Python?
modified by traceurling
My guesses:

Turret spam - always there for you.
You can always cut SCVs a bit earlier for a faster upgrade if you really need it to survive, but I am not that deep into build order details for terran...

2 port wraith and fast drop are also strong for the same reasons, and you can proxy ports very close here, obviously (arguably 2 port wraith is one of those super micro intensive builds that foreign players hardly ever master, though...).

And you really don't need to buy that much time. Mutas from Zerg's nat will arrive at a pretty normal timing, only the main will be proxied, and that's just 3 mutas in a 2 hatch build, not enough to break through a solid turret ring.

And if Zerg goes 12 pool, 2 hatch, just to get those super fast mutas, it's pretty much all-in, if terran defends it, even if he\'s cutting or losing some SCVs in the process, he\'ll crush Zerg by pure eco advantage afterwards.

Zerg would also need some speedlings to deny scouting I guess... Or maybe he could just block his main ramp with two drones. But still, if Z goes 12 pool T will see the timing difference for the nat hatch. So if Zerg wants to hide their agression, they'd better go with a normal 12 expand.
modified by Freakling
12 pool 2 hatch still results in 6 mutas arriving quite a while before stim is done, and can do a lot of damage just by forcing earlier turrets as well as scv kills, and terrans won't want to be forced to do a build they're not used to. We should probablt ask the opinion of someone who's good...Only terrans I kno off the top of my head are Skzlime, Cryoc, and Radley, should we pm them?
But have you considered that all mains are wallable with one rax one depot (if it matters at all) and naturals with one rax two depot, all of which are zergling proof?. Have some marines to kill those zerglings off, and simply build up some turrets...
And terrans will have that 8th mineral patch in their natural which can go to turrets..
Shouldnt be that much of concern...
modified by CrystalDrag
The point is: Zerg has to cut eco to get early 2 hatch muta, so terran will be all right cutting some SCVs, too, to build earlier turrets.
So it comes down to scouting, and players can be expected to know about the early muta thread in this map and prepare according builds to counter.
And, as you already pointed out, Python has the same problem/feature, so players should definitely have an idea.
But you can show maps to players and ask for opinions, of course.

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