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Last update for (4)Thin Ice : 2013, 04, 07 19:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4616 (4)Thin Ice 128*128Freakling0.1betaground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Very cute deco :) I like this map...Saryesik Atyaru layout...
Freakling. Green box. o.O
Too bad there are ugly ramps for inverted ice ramps. :c Couldnt you try to use outpost ramps to make a kinda better blend to the dirt?
Damn, we need better unicode support, I cannot use this as an author name:
Anyways, I do not negotiate with terrorists bad mappers, like those who made that blizzard map... The name does not even make sense for that map.
And who does even know that map? I certainly did not...
So, yeah, well, bottom line: I win... And blizzard is certainly violating my copyright or something...

This was partially made using Fry's resize-the-map-method, by the way. Works alright, although for all the fine details I still needed a ton of manual editing.

I think the ramps are alright... Kind of hard to use, because they have such elaborate textures and colour transitions, almost impossible to invert. And Outpost ramps do not blend well with it at all, but if you find a solution which is in any way better than what I have so far, feel free to post a picture, Crystal.
modified by Freakling
I think the blending works pretty nicely...and I didn't know about that map either but yesterday I was clicking random page over an over on liquipedia and I saw that and was just like what? xD
what is this "resize the map" method and what is it a method of doing?
See the Cliff Assymetry article, Fry came up with a good idea; make maps where the y is 2 less than it should be, so like 128x126, then do everything with symmetry tool on, then when you're done, resize the map to 128x128 and that accounts for unbuildable bottom two
Red main is too small (because of the gas).

Purple and teal have a wide choke, while red and blue have a tight choke

You have some unwalkable tiles:

*there are a lot more, but i guess you can find them by yourself.

I'm pretty sure you made this intentionally, but only works okay with 3 workers:

I had problems with this one, but only in 2 cases:
a) 3 workers at gas, and a lot of workers in the minerals
b) 4+ workers at gas.

and, finally, there is a tank spot here. I know photon cannons can deal with it, but sometimes it can be abused:

Teal and purple nats can be photon cannon rushed with only 2 pylons while the others need 3 pylons.
modified by Testbug
WTF where is the rest of my comment?
I said it was a nice map, but never apprared.
NVM that part edited out
Also seems a lot of TLers don\'t like this symmetry or at least aren\'t comfortable with it...might foreshadow Saryesik\'s reception
modified by traceurling
ok I\'ll make picture
cyan is the best color

and they can go !@#$ themselves, this is for new blood in the iccup map pool and not boring fighting spirit shit.
modified by CrystalDrag
Oh, hi testbug.

"Purple and teal have a wide choke, while red and blue have a tight choke" Nope. look in editor.

Ramps are still ab it sloppy, I know...

But the unwalkable crap below the geyser is fully intended.

The island one with the bush: Hasn't been tested yet, obviously. If workers take that detour, I'll have to change it of course.

I am not even sure, whether I should keep thos mineral onlies. It would probably be more beneficial to sacrifice them in favour of a more open middle/wider ice ramps and a bit bigger mains.

"Teal and purple nats can be photon cannon rushed with only 2 pylons while the others need 3 pylons."
Not sure were you want to place those pylons while allowing any decently paced cannon...
modified by Freakling
I\'m not 100% sure about this, but say its top right vs top left base, wouldn't top left base be more vulnerable to drops/mutas because of more airspace?
Guys stop I'm not sure whether to put comments here or on TL xD I guess I'll put serious map balance comments on BWMN and other comments on TL :\
modified by traceurling
i wasn't talking about the nat sin city area. I was talking about the area outside the sin city.

imagine a red terran vs purple protoss, or blue terran vs teal protoss.

Terran nat (red and blue) will be very hard to attack because of the shape and the tight passage (like byzantium choke)

now, protoss nat can be camped and pushed with a lot of units outside the nat entrance (imagine a Terran caming outside python or tau cross nats).

because of the shape of the mains, terran can place tanks inside the mains that can target protoss trying to move into the tight choke.

the other way arround, if terran tries to move out from purple and teal, it's easier for protoss and zerg to flank them.

Now, Red and blue bridges can be abused when camping at the tight choke, while camping at purple and teal choke is way too open and flankable.

*Oh, and red and blue main chokes are 2 pylons wide (4 boxes), and completely wallable with 1 factory while purple and teal are 1.5 pylons wide (3 boxes) and is very hard to wall it.
this information can help you a lot:
a barracks can make a walking quite nicely if proper tile editting is done to make sure collision gap of barracks and bottom of the outpost is less than 16 (there's such a tile on outpost ramps that I used in (2)NE1)
That\'s the same issue Sayle or whoever was talking about, the size of the concave outside the natural etc. ....I feel like it can be fixed or alleviated by rotating everything clockwise
modified by traceurling
@Testbug: Ah, so you are basically pointing out the same thing Sayle did on TL. I am already working on that.

On a side note: It's called a "sim city", like the game, not a "sin city" like the movie/comic.

And I never use that list for unit collision sizes, I simply activate collision box display in SCMDraft.
Update... Tossed everything (almost) around a bit, addressing most of the issues pointed out, hopefully.
right, sim city.
i'm just a very old mapper :(
couldn't remember the name of the things.

what is that collision box thing in SCMDraft? :O i feel soo n00b.

*i didn't know Sayle was already pointing this.
i'll check the TL post right now.
ok, found it

but i was talknig about a push from minonly to nat.
blue minonly to nat is tight and porple minonly to nat is flankable.

The bridge can be abused when pushing into the blue nat.
Also what are values of minerals blocking the island on the left? Maybe glitch but looks like it has more mineral values than those on the right
Debug/enable debug
Debug/Show unit collision sizes

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