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Last update for (4)Frontline : 2013, 04, 19 04:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4617 (4)Frontline 128*128CardinalAllin0.7betaground

The map has been rated 72 times and got a total of 49 points


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Comments:   GMCS (12 elements)

6th April 2013
Version 0.1 Frontline

11th April 2013
Version 0.2 Frontline
-Changed main to nat ramps
-Added a depleted mineral to each main

15th April 2013
Version 0.3 Frontline
-Added building markers for PvZ wallins
-Added building markers for Terran wallins at the main (zealot tight, and 1 gap for lings)

18th April 2013
Version 0.4 Frontline
-Added central hill

More pictures on imgur:
click here

modified by CardinalAllin
(Nope, to the last one.)

Lot's of terrain features with questionable use (huge plateaus in front of 3rds, and thos weird low ground... What are they? - Drop zones?)
Push all that to the sides, add more ramps to the high ground, to improve mobility, and maybe put a mineral only on top of each ramp, and you could have a solid, and even quite unusual map.
Haha and there's nothing wrong with revealing the author...seems like Terran would be able to easily contain or hold their third? Also I think the little drop spot by the third should be made unbuildable terrain...or maybe make it high temple...
Are you going to enter this into the ICCup mapmaking contest?
Im gunna keep the plateaus as they are. I think they're good. I like the drop zones too.
Regarding adding more paths and ramps, this map wont get any, but intended future maps will.

Im gunna keep the drop spot low ground and buildable but yea, cool idea.

Yep I have.
I also made this longish post on the teamliquid thread (not necessarily as interesting to this audience but here it is anyway):

There was a game I hosted where an scv got stuck on one of the ramps. The ramps I was using are commonly used korean ramps (which many maps make use of) and I cant detect any problems with them at all. However, the scv did get stuck, (even though I cant recreate the incident) and I dont want to take any risks so Ive changed them to the bog standard ones, and then altered the inverted ones to match.
Ive also added a depleted mineral in the corner of each main. This allows players to run their workers away in another direction.

I want to mention a few things about this map:
1.The mains. They are shaped very differently to Fighting Spirit and allow players to place far more production buildings in far more manageable and tactical way. This is a huge change.
2. The naturals. They are shaped very differently to Fighting Spirit. They allow players to place far more defensive buildings in a far more tactical way. The naturals also provide alot more space for rallied units to gather. They also funnel attacking units more, allowing defenders to hold with less than FS dictates.
3. The thirds. They have gas and 8 minerals like Fighting Spirit and they form a triangle like FS (unlike Sniper Ridge for example). However, it is possible to take them earlier than on FS with less units.

So far, we can see that players can expand 'faster' or 'earlier' etc. The reason this is awesome is because it gives players a chance to explore. They can explore just how many more corners can be cut (compared to older maps) and indeed must be cut to stay even stevens with the enemy who will be doing the exact same thing.
Its awesome because players can now hold off attacks that used to seem unbeatable with seemingly tiny armies (compared to what was required on the older maps).
Cutting all these corners and getting a stronger economy faster than before means nothing if you cant say 'bank' (like in the weakest link tv program).
When players decide to say 'bank' and plop down production buildings etc, they need to have the space to actually do so and in a way that is manageable. This map allows as many production buildings as possible in the smallest amount of space required. The mains are not simply big (and therefore overly vulnerable to certain drops etc).

4. The plateaus enable the 'more mobile'/'lower ranged'/'more melee focused' army to execute defensive strategies while using offensive tactics at the last possible moment before the enemy starts doing direct damage to the defenders economy. (wow what a mouthful, sorry, its just I wanna wrap this up and start playing!)
5. There is a really sexy temple that is built into the cliff at reds 3rd.
6. The main is high ground, the nat is low, the plateau is high but slightly back from the natural. This is different to Jade significantly. For example, in TvP on Jade, the Protoss will often times attack down the ramp into the terran army (once in the middle and then a second time at his own natural). If the Terran weathers these attacks, he now takes control of the Protoss natural's entrance and starts to kill the nexus. Protoss now has to fight UPHILL and through very thin chokes to clear this area. However, on Frontline the Protoss has more space to use delaying tactics before his natural nexus starts taking any damage, and if the Terran does indeed manage to get all the way into the natural and start damaging the nexus, he is now very vulnerable to storms from the high ground in the main and to the reinforcement army attacking from the back. If the Protoss wants, he can put his new reinforcement army up onto the plateau and then send it down into the terran army again.
7. The long cliffs opposite the plateaus, allow air units to ambush ground armies which cant be done on Jade of FS etc.
8. No ugly repeating patterns like in FS Dont those mud patches in the naturals drive you nuts? haha
Theres so much I could chat for hours, but right now I just wanna play, so Ill stop there.

If you want to see a fantastic modern TvP game with very modern builds, styles, and incredibly clean management from both then watch/rewatch this game (Dear vs firebathero on Jade). The observer is pretty good here too.
Dear has 30 gateways while mining from 6 bases. That is essentially impossible on FS.

Youtube link Dear vs firebathero on Jade

What Im trying to say is that Frontline is a modern map. It allows the newest styles and encourages even more progression going forward.
If you have questions, I can answer them if you want me to. Also, there will probably be an update to alter the positions of the gases at the naturals slightly, just 1 tile left or right etc. The map is totally playable though. So yeah, I hope you enjoy.
Uploaded version 0.3
-Added building markers for PvZ wallins
-Added building markers for Terran wallins at the main (zealot tight, and 1 gap for lings)

I figured with this tournament coming up, all the players will have to learn many new maps at once.
Building placement is ofcourse critical in every matchup but it can be particularly important in PvZ.
So to help ensure we see good games during the tournament I thought Id add these markers.
It can be frustrating for players and observers to waste time finishing off a game which is clearly going to end in a spectacularly predictable fashion, all due to the forgivable sin of unfamiliarity.

If Fry wants, Ill upload it to the dropbox.
modified by CardinalAllin
Not sure how many maps they will actually use, though. If there are too many I'd assume they'll make a preselection of some sort.

Anyways: I created that drop folder because I thought it would make things easier for every one:
- no restricitions to file names, and how many files you can submit (like an additional training version), as on BWMN
- easier keeping track of the files, because everything is in one place, not in multiple e-mails or map threads
- makes sure there's always the newest version up
- simple up and downloads (all in one Zip archive etc.)
My guess is there will probably be 15-20 maps submitted, with maybe ~12-ish usable ones, and for the final mappack they'll take 2-4 maps...just from what I've seen and heard...
This map needs more doodads :D
modified by traceurling
If they want to run test tourneys, exclusively on new maps, as I understand it, I think 12 would already be too much, maybe 6..8. 2..4 sounds like a reasonable estimation for an eventual iCCup map pack addition, though.
Well they can run a rotating map pool, for each tournament just play 5 maps and for the next tournament rotate three of them.
Uploaded version 0.4
-Added central hill

Im away for 5 days now. I have PMed Fry on ICCup, but if anyone speaks to him, can you check he knows version 0.4 is the latest.
Happy testing, gl.
someone call the asylum, they want their escapee back...

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