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Last update for (2)Kingdom of Clouds.2 : 2013, 04, 21 02:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4621 (2)Kingdom of Clouds.2 128*128CrystalDrag1.5betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 81 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I would guess NegativeZero but he's already done one and a half Cloud Kingdom conversions
Definitely the best layout of all the CK versions I've seen. Good idea to use space terrain for the 3rd cliff level - the high ground 3rd definitely fixes the problem of a hard to take 3rd.

@traceurling: I was actually thinking about doing yet another version of CK, for better balance, but I think this one got it right so I won't bother.
OK well since it's a name you can't pronounce it must be CD.
Yes far better than mine or NegativeZero's.
128x128 possibly too big?.
With the amount of expansions, and the extra space required to make some of them high ground, this may be one of the rare cases where (2)128 may work well. At least is does not look too big to me.

If this is really not Crystal's (or Negative's) - maybe P4E remade his own map? O_o

It definitely does the right things to adapt it for BW.

But, the double tight ramp at the corner expansions seems a bit much to me. I would scrab one of those, maybe combine them to make one double sized.

Are all those little high ground/ovi spots really required? They clutter and tighten things up a lot.
I think it's P4e if he felt nostalgic for broodwar :d

but in anycase it's a pretty nice remake makes me wanna play it :D

It turns out to be an amazing map for bw, it's jawdropping...
The third gas placement is much better compared to the other versions

Unfortunately, i didn't do this map, i never used the mineral patches next to the starting location to move workers.
In that case i think freakling did it and his trying to fool us to search for someone else ;D

RE: Btw p4e have you made a hots map yet ? :P
modified by LasTCursE
No, it's really not me. Although those are definitely my ramps!

I think P4E does not like SC2 any more, and has quit mapping.
Oh did i deny this? I just said it was better than mine... :3
modified by CrystalDrag
So it's you again... surprise...
So anticlimactic :) I thought for sure the decoration would give me away~
Anyway, P4E can submit this map to iCCup, because over 60% is his ^_^
Or should i change from Saryesik to this?...
I say no, but it's your choice.
Some one bought up the point of lacking main space, and looking at it I daresay the are right. (2)Maps should have plenty of it, because you won't have another main to build in for late game macro.

I think there's some room to push the nats and mains clockwise, which would not require any other changes, but could free up quite a bit of main space.

And why aren't you using normal mineral formations and gas positions for the mains? There\'s no need to do what you do here.

You could also give the corner expos more room to act as a second macro area.

Also: No neutral buildings?
modified by Freakling
Hmm... In the editor mains do not look small at all... Maybe it's just the unusually big map size; or the unusual mineral/SL/gas placement in the mains.

I would really change the latter.

And maybe add some buildable areas for macro on other good spots, just to be safe.
Zzz. well i added the neutral buildings and rotated mains and nat cockwise...
and added room to the other corners..

Red gas gets in the way when it is "standard" mineral placement.
If you want to change your submission for iCCup to this, just upload it here. Fry has the link to the folder.

I will delete Saryesik then.
And I would undo the changes to the nat. It looked so much better before, and as I said, main size seemed to be plenty to me, it just looked smaller because of the start location and mineral positioning and the map size.
Can you delete mine too? There are a couple minor changes I made, plus I think the obs version I uploaded might be broken.
Just upload any changes you make, I will keep that folder as clean as possible.

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