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Last update for (2)Sandorphine : 2013, 06, 15 02:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4654 (2)Sandorphine 128*96Gnom0.2betaground

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 9 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is my new boring generic 2 player map.
Not finished.
I don't know if you did or not, but just a quick tip : if you don't stack neutral buildings, they will not be enough to even stop a zergling rush. This is especially important when using one to block an alternate entrance to a main.

When only splash units can effectively destroy a neutral block, it becomes an interesting mechanic. Or like in Arkanoid, if there are at least enough on the way to where they are obstructing, it is ok.
Yea i guess you\\\\\\\'re right, i will add some stacks at the backdoors.
I will check if the mains are tankable
Yes they are, but i will fix that in the dco part and add some doodads so that theyre out of range.

I would also like to add some mineral onlies, somewhere in an open place. Maybe you could make some GMCS suggestions?
modified by Gnom
Site is dead?. Freakling has not been on for a week..
No time, sorry, was away for some days, too...

I would be grateful if some of you would actually take the initiative and get us sponsor for a tourney (there was a guy on TL posting a thread about searching for a tourney to sponsor a while ago, traceurling suggested to ask the Swedish BW Initiative for help... Or maybe some one of could be interested...), and there\'s also still some writing and making map pictures to do... And keeping the map pack thread updated with things to do...

I just do not have time right now, at least not for doing everything myself, not speak of the unsustainability of the general situation where everythings depends on one person\'s initiative to keep it going...

If you can get the rest done, I\'ll gladly finish my artwork and post the whole thing on
modified by CrystalDrag
I dont know where traceurling vanished off to...
But i can probably do the scout distance and walling in.... Im not that good social, so may have to wait for traceurling.
If he doesnt pop up this week ill see what i can do.
modified by CrystalDrag
:( I seem to keep pushing off my due dates...physics boat project popped up fml Im gonna try hard to get this done soon if I dont get it done by the 15th assume I died...
how long does your school last to?... Im out alread.y.
I am speechless D:
I dont know where to find a sponsor..
You can be it :D
I dont even possess a company, neither am I a private richman :D

We could sell milkshakes in the yard?
prostitution anyone?
traceurling is best suited.. :)
Im poor only have an internship D: If I get a job Ill contribute like $20 xD
Whats this about? How much does the site need?
The site doesn't need any money, they are just being weird. They want to encourage people to play their maps in a tourney on TL, so they want to offer a prize, but if they are less picky about getting known players, they can easily get people to play if they just organize it. Or stop being cheapskates looking for someone to sponsor a 50 dollar tourney.

Really, just find two people to cast the tourney, set some deadlines for people to submit replays, and have your tourney :o Even if only the semis onward are cast, you will get a reasonable amount of attention. Cast it yourselves, even, and you can give people an idea what you were hoping to see players do on the maps.

imo it is really, really lame to complain about other people not doing work / taking initiative for something that is really not hard to do yourself.
modified by Chef
And I thought we do this for fun?
Btw these are my custom vertical desertramps :o
Didnt find any in the DB..
modified by Gnom
Thanks for that. I guess i didnt quite look enough for it.
I don't get why you're so negative, chef :(

The point is: Running a tourney, any tourney, requires a lot of time and a solid staff to run it.

And our experience so far clearly shows that, while a price money of maybe 150$, or even just 50$, does not seem like much, it makes a huge difference in practice when it comes to get and keep players interested.

Last time all it took was to publish the map pack on TL and publicly ask for help to run a tourney, and suddenly a lot of people volunteered and we even got a sponsor.
So it's really not hard.
We just need to get this ready to be published.
It's just that I have no time at the moment. Maybe in a month or so... But I'd really appreciate it if I got some help.

"Im not that good social, so may have to wait for traceurling."
CHances are you only know too many jerks who do not appreciate you. Anyways, practice is the mother of all skills...
You going to upload new Oxide?
Your arent talking to me are you?
I think one thing that might be popular is if map packs were somewhat themed.
For example;
Thin Ice
Saryesik Atyrau
Chem Lab

All 3 go together really well.
Which maps are you thinking of using?

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