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Last update for (4)Kyanite Prospect : 2013, 05, 25 18:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4652 (4)Kyanite Prospect 128*128CardinalAllin0.1betaground

The map has been rated 87 times and got a total of 5 points


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12th May 2013
Version 0.1 Kyanite Prospect

14th May 2013
Version 1.0 Kyanite Prospect
-Significant tweaks at the naturals
-Full decoration polish

modified by CardinalAllin
Eh. Just me, but i dont like the use of 45+60 ramps... 30+60 ramps? :c
is the concept to be king of the hill? because there isnt any large attack paths besides the middle.
modified by CrystalDrag
Thanks for the ramps.
Its a bit like Jade isnt it.
Well this map isn't, but the ramp problem is. :/
It may work out though, it just bugs me personally.
Ive made the top left main 1 tile wider, changed walling at the 3rds, and filled a few turret holes in the mid.
Aesthetically it would help if you equalized ramp angles, got rid of the horizontal and vertical ramps (make them angled instead) and straightened out the ramps to the central plateau.

What are those 3 mineral patches in the centre meant to be?
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
The minerals:
-look pretty (to me)
-create obstacles (very important)
-give player with map control a tiny edge (in those 1 in a million games where maps are mined out and its still even stevens)
-a nice little memorable hook that ties in with the map name (kyanite is a blue mineral)

How long does it take you guys to make maps anyway? CrystalDrag seems to be able to make them out of thin air haha, but it takes me ages.
Ah... it takes me less than a day for the basic framework, then a month to do the decoration..
But my actions of mapmaking will decline... as i am going to start mapmaking for SCII as well.
Don't quit entirely ;(

Same here, I start maps with a complete concept in mind, making the layout usually takes less than an hour, getting all the little details (like resources, ramps etc.) right can take anything from an hour to a month, depending on how much I ca work on it, how complex the layout is, if I have to invent new blends or if there are unforeseen complications; finally finishing the map with deco can also take a long time, depending on the same factors.
After that, finding bugs, balanceing resources etc. is basically an open end process...
Well, the other day, me and an old mapper from this website were discussing the DOTA 2 editor.

He explained that it is definately the place where he will be going next and that there are many aspects that are very appealing.

1. Its designed from the ground up for maximum customisability. There are already things like multiple unit selection, 4 different terrain heights, real time deformable terrain, the list goes on and on. Many of these features are not needed in DOTA at all but are there anyway expressly for people to make 'total conversion' mods, turning it into a real time strategy game etc.
If you have ever wanted to make your own computer game from scratch, he was explaining that it would be very easy to make RTS mods for DOTA with minimum effort.
Over one hundred different units all with unique spells and abilites that can all be customised in the editor etc. Mix and match from all the different tilesets etc.

2. There are 300 000 players already playing the beta and currently there is only 1 single playable map.

3. Valve have set up a market so you can make money. If you are thinking of going to SC2 crystal, then maybe its because of the money? So thats why I mention this point.

4. They will release the SDK soon ish and the level of control we will have will be incredibly high. And we are encouraged by Valve to make big changes if we want to.

I think we can all agree that there is and will be a huge market in the DOTA 2 land for maps and stuff. Maybe you should think about going there instead of SC2 crystal.
Btw I dont work for Valve, haha.
I won't quit completely, will probably do about 55%SC2 and 45%SCI.
I cannot stand games that are not RTS. :P SC <3
Yea but what Im saying is, this guy plans to make an RTS mod using DOTA 2 and Im sure there will be many others who have the same idea. Valve are encouraging this to happen, like I say. There is no need for multiple unit selection in DOTA (I think) yet they have already programmed the feature, and many others that will make it easier for RTS devs. They have deliberately made an engine for RTS games and other types of games, but they are showcasing it with DOTA 2.

The understand that there is alot of opportunity if they also set up a framework and not just DOTA 2 on its own. So, what I mean by 'DOTA 2 land' is not just that game but the bigger picture. Similar to how Valves 'Source' engine SDK was released to the public. I think this time its going to be much bigger though.

Now, dont get me wrong, none of us are making maps here for money or fame, but the fact that you and others from this site have decided to switch to SC2, I think its about time we had a discussion that mentions the land of DOTA 2 that is going to come into existence soon ish.
boo DOTA

just kidding, but I think most who have been around StarCraft for a long time will stick to StarCraft anyways.
In my opinion I find MOBAs (is that what they're called(?)) rather boring.

Some of the symmetry turns out pretty strange with this map, e.g. Blue will have an easier time covering the path to his third @ 12, than Red covering his third @ 9 from his ridge.
make the center open the ramp is too tight
@Taranok, do you mean starcraft = just Broodwar on its own, or both BW and Starcraft 2?
It seems to me that some people dont feel particularly connected to Starcraft 2 even though it shares the name 'Starcraft'. They treat Starcraft 2 as a separate game, as separate as Dawn of War, Total Annihilation, Age of Empires, what have you.

And Ill say again, its not about the game DOTA2 its about the engine, the mods etc.

About this map, Freakling do you think there is positional imbalance? I posted a few things on the tl thread, but I didnt post any pictures that I had prepared. I think you would just look in the editor for yourself, and count tiles/place turrets or whatever.

A question: When you view the minimap ingame, the South East plateau appears to have low ground tiles in it or something. There is a line of darker brown. But Im not sure why.

Edit, yes Xelious, if I were to change anything about the map it would be to remove the centre hill. I surprised myself by including it in the first place but I think for now I will certainly leave the map as it is.
modified by CardinalAllin
SC2 also has an engine and mods :P
modified by Taranok

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