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Last update for (4)Magrathea : 2019, 01, 20 20:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4737 (4)Magrathea 128*128Freakling0.7betaground

The map has been rated 79 times and got a total of 59 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

+1 for Hitchhiker's Guide reference lol. I like the option of expanding to a protected gas third in both directions, so you're not stuck trying to take another main/nat a la Python.
Its a fun mix. Would be best for 2v2.
The mains are so small though.
For 1v1, terran can go from 3 base to 5 base too easily in my opinion.

I think if I were to work more on the map, I would delete the high ground expos, to free up space.
If you really want to keep this layout of bases, you could make the middle more open instead, and just have a single ramp going down directly into the 'fortress gate'. But the mains would still be tiny. And you wouldnt really need the space tileset with 3 terrain heights then either.
lol changed the name now. Do you know this reference NegativeZero? No cheating
I don't know this referance either... It's not changed, only cut, because that's what BWMN does...

I don't think that'll really be a problem, Cardinal. Sure, T may have 5 bases in your scenario, but 3 of them with reduced mineral counts (1024 per patch) and only 3 gas. Comsidering that at that point you could easily be facing a 6 gas Zerg (who can easily take very quick and safe 3rd/4th in the corners) with Nydus and mass drop tech or a 6 base Protoss with Arbiters/Carriers, all of which make it very hard for terran on this kind of map.
Fair enough.
Magrat is a witch character in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.
Okay.. Now that you mention it...

But DNA >>>> Pratchett, so...

Also, I couldn't really change much of the layout. It's Python layout, it's very limited, if it doesn't work then it doesn't work. I am happy that I managed to make this not too much of a mere Python clone, to be honest.
modified by Freakling
Yes the fortress bases onto a python layout is a really fun mix, its a cool idea.
Updated a bit. It's pretty playable now (got rid of all the pesky tank holes and stuff), but deco is still kind of rudimentary/preliminary/just me doodling around...
modified by Freakling
Added this and a few more to my TL thread:
So the buildable-ness of the paths is WIP.

I would lean towards quite alot of openly buildable space.
I think the narrow pathways on and around the low ground should not be buildable, or terran will have too much of an advantage.
I'll try to add/leave some buildable ground on the more open centre region.
I just see Python..
will there be obs versions?
I am currently working on updating my two maps. When I ma done I will also make an obs version.
Uploaded a completely debugged version. Deco is obviously not finished yet...
wow that deco in the mid o_O cool stuff
This post is not displayed due to its content
There's a *very* tiny spot right under the spinning solar panel on the top right base that lets tanks hit about 3 mineral patches from the low ground.
You mean from the semi-island base? I guess you are right, bottom right seems to have a vulnerable patch as well… I forgot to double check that, even though the new range display makes it pretty easy to spot. I can just move those two mains clockwise by a tile. Even the pathfinding regions check out for that…

The things that bothers me a bit though is: There is, for you, a spinning solar panel in that base?!!? There most definitely should not be! Can you send me a screenshot of how it looks for you. Is this only in HD graphics? Have you checked/can you check this in 1.16? If there is a difference, please file a bug report in the Blizzard forums.
Quite the perfect map i would say. Awesome in every sense, i would love to play this. But sadly the problem remains there is no real map circulation in official games / ladder and not enough influence on Korean leagues. :(
Version 0.90
  • basic deco finished, still needs to be refined, though
  • observer version added

modified by Freakling
Fixed force settings on observer version.
From Bonyth:
As for Magrathea, map looks similar to Fortress is some ways. If I had to improve anything, I would add vespene gayser to each mineral only. Lack of them will lead to taking corner bases only. On the first glance, it looks okay beside that.
That would add too many easy to take gas bases to the map. Like Fortress, the map is meant to encourage semi-island play in the mid-game. It should also be noted that the corner bases and mineral onlies only have 1024 minerals per patch, as compared to 1536 for mains and naturals. So given normal 3rd timings, a corner base will run dry at about the same time as a player's main and natural, leaving the two free mains and nats as very important strategic bases to take and fight over in the later game.
Some of the deco looks blocky but overall i like it
Maybe if the 3rd gas has less gas, it'll leave the early game open but will still force island play.

Either way, we can see how it goes, Magrathea will be played in every CW (no pressure), so there will be an opportunity to make a change after week 1 if needed.
Deco is not finished yet. Seems like I just keep coming up with these elaborate decoration themes that are impossible to be properly executed on short notice... Lots of smoothing out and randomization to be done.
I try to think up some good ScmDraft features that could help with these kinds of repetitive manual edits. I guess extended data representation and randomization for brushes, a randomization feature in the subtile palette and a search/replace function for terrain/brushes would probably go a long way…
Some changes to the top left and bottom right corners. Hill expansion now have 6×1536 minerals and 3k gas each, geysers from the island expansions has been removed.
Update: Version 0.91a
  • changed high ground expansions around NE/SW corners to half-gas expansions (6×1536m + 3000g)
  • removed geysers from NE/SW islands
  • some terrain edits around NE/SW corners to ensure there are no tank angles from the low ground on the high ground expansions
  • pathfinding/resource gathering debugged
Map image looks great I just don't like the blockiness of the high plating in-game. Is it unfinished?
Just uploaded a version 0.91b, which fixes most of the most blatant blockiness with some quick pick-and-copy terraining.

Yes, decoration is still WIP. I put preference on full playability for now.
That middle is just beautiful. The map itself seems pretty basic. I would actually be a bit concerned about red vs. purple in TvP. Seems like terran will have some fun days playing there and pushing slowly towards, expanding and controlling the tight area "behind" an enemy's natural.
That's why there's the low ground with the tight ramp.
Yeah I guess it's fine.
Version 1.00
  • Fixed some pathfinding related bugs
  • Main minerals now point flush against the map edges to make them safer from harassment
  • Finally finished deco

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