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Last update for (2)SYHV QZLX : 2015, 03, 28 00:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4757 (2)SYHV QZLX otherCrystalDrag0.8betaground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 33 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Doing this map in my spare chemistry time. Realized have 2 tests this week so might as well get some feedback while im gone studying.

Do no make dumb comments about ramps/missing of ramps.
My ramps (from (3)Reap the Storm) ? (I hope this qualifies as non-dumb question about ramps...)

Speaking of Chemistry: You can make this map more appropriate by using my deco from (4)ChemLab. Would only be fair, given that I am gonna copy your deco from (4)2night hardcore for RtS.

Apart from that, I cannot really say much yet because, as you pointed out already, there's still too much stuff missing...

Anyway, nice to see you back mapping, Crystal.
modified by Freakling
I think the name 'Untitled' is a bit boring.
May I suggest (2)Rampy Ramp Ramp.
Yes, they are your ramps. It is kind of a dumb question... :D
I don't see the platform that I could do the solar array decoration. Unless i was to make the middle platform?
I want the emphasis to be about the 2 expansions that are not touching the edge of the map. The other expansions are going to have less minerals (6.5 mineral field worth).

Also thinking of rotating the middle thing by ninety degrees... If i don't change it to all platform.

Its called Untitled because it is untitled. Probably going to call it some random k-pop song anyway...
Probably going to finish this on friday. Will fix it to 128 and then post on TL... but i lack charisma.
Charisma, that would be quite a good name for this map. Players can show their personality with all the harass options or by taking the enemy hill.
Happy thankgiving if you are not indian.
Pretty funny you went with the escher ramps.
Nice carbon chains :D

I fear that with how this map splits, it will be come very hard to keep up in expos against a terran, especially when it comes down to the double gas expos. And this map doesn't seem particularly good for other "tie-breaking" strategies like (mass) drops, Arbiters, Carriers, Guardians (Expos mostly shield each other from exposure and most areas are easily accessible by ground)...
What about if i switched the positions of the high platform with the double gas expansions?
Not quite sure what you mean. But I think part of the problem is that there are three expos with a lot of yield (4 gas!) that are easily defended by holding that high ground (compare this to Matchpoint, for example, where players also camp on the high ground, but only effectively defend two expos, only one of which has gas, by doing so.
Yeah I was gonna say, map seems super gas heavy.
Map hasnt been edited, just picture. Think it is better
Massively different now.
This version leads to much more stable gameplay which I personally prefer.
When you put in the ramps that lead to bases, we will be able to see if they are too big or small.
I expect you intend to add a ramp entrance to the 3/9 base, but consider leaving them with just the single entrance.
19th Jan 2015
The original version has been ported to sc2 by Meerel!
Dendras Fate
The original version:

As soon as i get settled into my new semester i will work on this in my physics class.
Crystal, can you give me reverse of FS? I badly want to play on it.

Oh missed, I found it. Ferocia! Nvm.
modified by outscar
Nice job.
Im not a fan of the escher main ramps though. I reckon standard ramps instead would be more popular.
You went with 2 small ramps into the 3 and 9 o clocks, I like it. Maybe pylon walling these ramps could be a bit more crisp.
Ha my comments are becoming so predictable.

Also maybe make the ramp into the 12 and 6 o clock a small one for zerg zvt.
Id bump it up to 7 mineral patches too.

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