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Last update for (2)Silvery_Waves_1.1 : 2016, 10, 22 14:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4776 (2)Silvery_Waves_1.1 otherLatiAs0.3betaground

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Nice layout, though there are obvious pathfinding problems with those eggs, but it should not be too bad. I like how intricate the different attack paths are laid out.

A nat like that is easy to turret up, though while simultaneously being easy to tank down, so ZvT will have a hard time against rax based timings (and that is not even mentioning the drop cliff).

In ZvP, on the other hand, this is prone to fall to hydra busts (like on (3)Pathfinder, for example)

tldr: "Normalizing" the main-nat layout (which should not be too much of a hassle, given that there is ample space in the corners where the mains are) would probably do this map a lot of good.
modified by Freakling
Are these author\'s uploads, by the way ? Or has some one else found them ? If so, are there more ? Seeing these I am becoming more and more of a LatiAs fan :D
modified by Freakling
author\'s upload. im korean student.

yesterday I found my map(Demian) in here by accident, then i decide to upload my other maps.

unfortunately my english grade is very poor. so i have difficulty in communication and i cant understand some terms... :(
modified by LatiAs
modified by LatiAs
i forgot to introduce some significant thing.

at 5 and 11, there is another "ZERG ONLY" gas(2000) under Khaydarin Crystals.
terran and protoss can build building also, but cant gather gas.

only zerg can do.

however, i think that they may affect balance, especially ZvP. so i'm thinking about removing them.
Oh, nice.

Or maybe you could try something like this:
Hello Latias!
I am very happy to see more of your maps. Thankyou for sharing them here. is no longer online.
Which websites do you use to share maps?
As far as I know, there is no more activated major BW map site in Korea. And there are few mappers...

I have shared my maps at my tiny blog and some StarCraft cafe in Naver.

I\'m very exited to meet overseas mappers and your maps.

If you want, I will upload my maps more at this site.:)
(though I cant understand your comments all... But i\'m trying.)
modified by LatiAs
It's great to have you around. You are a very good map maker.

I will try to put my thoughts into simpler terms when I have some time (tonight, probably).
Welcome to the site! Good to see that we got a newcomer gosu highquality BW mapmaker here.

You can alternatively share your maps here too when you will make new one. We will try our best to help you. Map hwaiting!
Cardinal - I got a link where TeamAgain shares his maps.

Don't know really how to download all of them. If map got at right corner above (1) or (2) sign you can press it and after press PC button, it will start to download.

I see a lot of sweet maps there but Naver wants registration to get all of them :(.
modified by outscar
What I would suggest is to make the natural (2nd) expansion more normal, like this:

Right now it is very similar to (3)Pathfinder.

Hydralisks in Zerg vs. Protoss
and Siege Tanks in Terran vs. Zerg
seem too strong with that kind of layout.
Frekiling - Thankyou for your good idea! I will try it.

outscar - Nice to meet you!... and how did you find our cafe? Lol
Sadly, there is only one person(me) activating...

I can share maps in cafe. If you have any map to download, tell me.
Hey, I'd like to know whether you are working on an update for this map.
Just watched Crispy Cup finals where kogeT learned the hard way that a barracks against the bottom egg on the nat choke is not Zergling tight. I am wondering whether that is intentional (EDIT: Looking at it in SCMDraft and seeing that only the bottom position has the egg displaced by one pixel, it obviously is not...)...
There also some unwalkable spots on the right bridge.
modified by Freakling

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