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Last update for (3)Apocalypse_1.2 : 2023, 07, 27 10:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4785 (3)Apocalypse_1.2 128*128LatiAs0.7betaground

The map has been rated 110 times and got a total of 79 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I think you should make the decoration of the high grounds more interesting (proper ramp terrain would be my suggestion).

The bridge terrain also looks a bit monotonous, but maybe that's just the picture obscuring all the fine textures.

As for potential playing/balance concerns: I am pretty sure this map has some, but find it incredible hard to predict through mere theocrafting which ones would really be an issue.

I think I'll try and analyze the hell out of this later, when I have more time.
This looks very very interesting!
Bump, great map!

Only Criticism would be that there is not enough building space behind the nats and 3rds, 2 base but will be to string on this map.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
But the whole main-nat-3rd area has ample building space to work with. Mains alone are pretty big too.

My main concern is actually that 4 base turtle is pretty easy, once you have established a good position on that plateau in front of your nat.
On the other side, if you do not control your own playteau, contains/sieges/agressive builds will be versy strong. I think both facts will make the map terran-favour from mid-game on.

Maybe connecting the ramps to the middle to just one very wide one and overall reducing the area of the high-ground pods while reassigning that sapace to the low ground area between nat and 3rd would aleviate this.
modified by Freakling
I meant space for turrets to defend vs 2 hatch muta behind the mineral lines (Mains and all the rest look fine), but again I have not played BW or made a bw map in a while, so listen 2 Freakling. BTW dude I heard some of you maps have been used in some competitions and tournaments? Sweet congrats, which one and where?

Edit: Oh another thing I see about the map, now that I take a closer look, are all the mains 2 nat chokes the same? Can they be walled off with the same amount of buildings? (hard to tell for sure by the pic)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Oxide was in SWBI team league, DeserTec, Roadkill and Eddy are currently on iCCup...

Most maps nowadays do not have much building space for turrets actually behind the mineral lines... However, you are right that having the mineral directly against a cliff, as here in the naturals, is a definite buff to mutas (and ever since Battle Royale, it's clear how much such a buff can mean...
TL admins are utterly ***** BM. Can you imagine they closed a thread about TLC maps that I made where I listed all popular maps, because we got a thread of Cardinal already? I\'m done with TL.
modified by outscar
First of: I like the update.

@outscar: I think its understandable that they don\'t want discussion about the same topic spread out across multiple threads. Can\'t you just remake that post in the existing discussion thread again. or kindly ask a TL mod to do it for you/merge the threads?
Or make a more limited post. That huge wall of limited info and every single map of the ICCup map pack will probably not aim many responses anyway...
modified by Freakling
I asked to merge it but they just don't give a fuck. What's the point of posting all that long screenshots in the 2/3/4 pages where audience poll won't be visible in the 1st place and 1st thread is only about map PA and Scan, 2nd is about CardinalAllin's maps.

I wrote to admin: Also, accepting a thread where someone with caps lock on makes a poll that should Scan be allowed or not and chooses some random 5(lol) maps for poll to replace PA. Nonsense.

Then what about opening that thread where poll is removed? I mean you need to lure fans/players attention to those maps. I collected them all and it's a good spot to discuss hell of it.
I have suggested this map to various people.
A general complaint that came up was that the natural minerals are too close to the cliffs and Mutas would be too strong.

I also did some basic testing and noticed that there are a lot of bad mineral patches on this map.
modified by Freakling
Can you wait just 3 weeks? My CSAT date is 11/12.

...Anyway, isn't Terran strong at this map? I think Zerg can't defend 3rd base with lurkers, and that is why I set minerals close to the cliff...
There is no need to hurry. take your time. I just wanted to point it out.

You also made a good point about PvT balance, I think. I will forward your reply should the concern arise again.
modified by Freakling
Two of the mineral patches in the top main are set to only some 600 minerals...

Where is the map file that have desert ramps?? i want to get that ramps...
Please, do not copy any desert ramps any one has ever done... They all basically look like this:

Better to do your own stuff and use CHKDraft for debugging!
modified by Freakling
So has this been updated or what?
modified by Freakling
I updated 1.1 to 1.2

- Set every mineral resources to default
- Add 1 minerals at 3rd
- Increase main's wall thickness
Is this going to be used for any leagues or tournaments or is it just a random update?
The 1.3 Ver. is going to be used in Korean ASL16.

--SCRVN vs TrangXinh(1on1, 1.15)

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