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Last update for (2)Exile : 2013, 04, 22 23:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
479 (2)Exile 128*128RSCup.SpitFire[7x]0.1final

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (12 elements)

Wow, very nice looks. Reminds me of Travin-style.

At the same time, balancing looks quite bad to me:(

TvZ: Zerg can't fast expand properly, while terran can still get a secound gas like on most maps. I would move the natural closer to the main, just try to make it savable with sunken.
(main and nat)

TvP: A lot of cliffs, not much flanking room in the middle. On the other hand, long distances make a quicker "slow push" quite hard, terran would need a lot of time for a slowpush.
Imo removing a cliff here and there would not hurt.

PvZ: probably favoring zerg a bit like most ground maps, I'm not into that MU enough to judge that.
Actually I don't think PVZ too imbalanced for zerg. The minonly serves protoss very well because he can secure it very well, while the normal natural is hard to take for zerg. The minonly islands are also favoring p in this MU, and it is hard for zerg to gain a 3rd.
Wow, the look is awesome. Reminds me of a valley somehow, or a dried riverbed or something like that, very very very nice!

The expansions, well, i would change them somehow as well. I can see that you want to have the natural gas expansion to be gas-tankable from the temple. But T can tank every other expansion somehow, so just move everything a bit more towars the entrance to make it easier for Z, as panschk says. It looks loo exposed to leave it like that imo.

Ok, i was talking to my roomate for 20 minutes, dunno if i wanted to addsomething... i do when i remember... ^^

What i miss is buildable terrain outside of the mainbases. The temple-ruins-raised-jungle look is awesome, doodads as well, but you seem not to have an other place to build your warpgates or somehting, you may do somehting about that, but some others may think it`s good as it is. No real imbalance or something.

The middle left gas-expansion _looks_ like it's tankable from the temple walls, on right hand side it isn't, so please fix that if i'm right.
GW, but without wall-in. Expansion is too far...
And... Protoss>>Terran, Terran>>Zerg, Zerg>>Protoss (but not fackt, fast zeal can do many dirty things :) )
Your Name
- Expo moved a bit towards main entrance
- Main entrance is now 1-rax wallable
- Added Geysers on top right and bottom lef expos
name this map right please

- remove the space between (2) and Exile -

It screws up the maplist alphabetical order.
the geysir on top right is tankable, the one on lower left isn't, even that out somehow.

The map looks really great now. I like it very well!
very hard 1nat though
And the left gas expansion surrounded by the raised jungle is still tankable from the temple wall (maybe the gas from the natural as well). The geysir on the island on top right is also tankable (as already mentione) from the templewall.

Just try to even that out somehow.
Hmm, look at this decision...
post a changelog plz, I cannot remember the old map very well in details
this is not one of your better maps anymore i would take this down
Too cluttered, not enough room for units.
Looks kind of hard for zerg to get 3rd and 4th gas.
and nat still looks hard for zerg to defend, especially the geyser
Just explain to me the two things that i point in GMCS. Even if this is an old map, so many mappers think that to put a 2 entrance cliff on a map is very cool and fashion, but it's good to put it on a spot that will work, and will be used, here it's absolutly unused! Why the hell someone will go there? Where is the fish that a player may catch if he wants to go there... Imo, this is just some unused space of the map.
Btw, panschk is very right on the Travin-style :) . Nice.
Also, what's up with the space between the islands and the mineral only. Maybe if he added a backdoor to that mineral only next to your base, that might make it a bit more flowing.
random map, interesting, but the nat is pretty undefendable as zerg.
modified by Nightmarjoo

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