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Last update for (4)idun 1.31 : 2016, 06, 07 02:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4812 (4)idun 1.31 128*128Noah2nd0.1finalisland

The map has been rated 40 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Second map in BWMN!

This map is difficult.
What is the reason, this map is island.
First expansion-center entrance is only to pass the zergling!
Only! Zergling! Ghost can't not pass this entrance.
First expansion-min only entrance, prevented the Zel-naga temple.

This map is for the Zerg.
Zerg was week in island map all the time.
So, I want island map for Zerg.
My first try is Desert fox to Creep Colony, but I failed..
I don't know what happen in this map, but I am looking forward to.

Problem with Desert Fox was that Tanks could cliff all the expansions...
Yes.. I thought. That is the T advantage in this map. and P's Carrier also.
But That will be a problem, I will fix it.(when I buy a computer..)
I've looked quite a bit into island maps recently, and my conclusions are the following:

- Protoss is considered island imba anyways... Reaver Zealot drops into Carriers, Corsairs for scouting and to hard-counter light air, dragoons, cannons and storms as well rounded all-round defence, later on mass recall... If you want to boost Protoss, making the map more mineral rich seems paradoxically the way to go, since a lot of Protoss tech (Shuttles, Zealots for drops, Carriers, Reavers, Cannons) is actually very mineral heavy, but light on gas.

- Zerg simply needs ground access to at least one additional geyser from the start, ideally one they can take faster than the other races. This is simply not to fall behind in essential, but expensive mid-game tech (Lair, drop, ovi speed, mutas) too far to recuperate later.
Hive-tech Zerg is an absolute beast on island maps (Nydus; Devourer, Muta, Scourge, Guardian pretty much annihilates anything cost-efficiently, Defilers also wreck expensive late-game stuff like Carriers pretty handily...)

- Terran: Cliffs everywhere are a rather cheesy thing to do, and they usually only imbalance the maps more in favour of Terran. I think what really helps Terran is some nice open spaces and spacious expansions, which are easy to drop with mech units and give maneuvring room to Goliaths against Carriers.
Thanks to reply.

To hard to read to me..(sorry, I should have studied English..) But your conclusions is convincing. I agree. I need to modify this map.

I wanna more games in this map, but I can't. My friends is not playing BW anymore and I does. That is too bad to me and my maps.
I think, island map is very hard to tame

This map was showed Kim Carry Afreeca TV.
And looked that i want to fix it.

1. To easy to defencing all gas resources. So I was expended a entrance.
2. Reduce main. Main was so big.

Remember. Only zergling can pass.
Island map.
Starting point error.


-Added SCV,Drone,Probe entrance.(Like a Fortress)
-80 mineral. (used early times only)
-Deleted natural building in only-min entrance.
modified by Noah2nd
Don't these changes just make it even easier for Zerg to expand all over the map? I saw some playtesting stream on this map and Zerg already seemed overpowered. Maybe you should block the ramps to the 3rds with neutral buildings instead. this would make it easier for Terran and Protoss to safely expand there.
Freakling // You mean, blocked only-min is better?
No, I mean blocking the gas expansion.

Right now Zerg has total map control with Zerglings. The mineral onlies do not really help Zerg, but being able to deny any sneaky expansions of their opponent does.
But I think, need more test.
Zerg was weak island map always, I wonder other looks.
Zerg was always weak on island maps because all island maps ever used professionally forced a passive one-base playstyle on them and hardly gave them a chance to ever establish map late game amd reach late game/Hive tech where Zerg's real strength lies on island maps. This map is different in many ways:

- both the addition of the Fortress Gates and the removal of the neutral block to the mineral only mean that Zerg can now expand as much and fast as they want. Getting three gas bases is made incredibly easy by this, and that allows Zerg to support a sizeable muta army while still being able to get their key tech (drop, ovi speed and hive) fast.
- at the same time all of the map being accessible by Zerglings means Zerg have map control by default and can deny any fast third bases for the other races. In this regard, I would keep the mineral only unblocked, because Protoss and to some degree Terran can actually get good value out of an early mineral only third, whereas it does absolutely nothing for Zerg on an island map (maybe at least a bit on this one, as the additional minerals could be used to spam more Zerglings, but they don't help with fast tech, at least).
- this map has plenty of gas (unlike maps like Paradox, where each player only has three geysers available to them, which is ridiculously little) - again, Zerg on island maps is about tech and securing sufficient gas to support it.

How about this.
Reduce the gas to half in center gas bases.

I think Zergling only pass is one of many ways. Not powerful always. Others can defence many ways. It just advantage for Zerg that weak in island.

But I agree Zerg can take gas easier.
I need a way.

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