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Last update for (4)CubixIV4.1 : 2016, 03, 15 13:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4824 (4)CubixIV4.1 128*128Single(Nemec)0.1betahybrid

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This map is a clever player will be beneficial.
Player will choose . Whether or not to destroy Assimilators.

Usually players must destroy Assimilators in enemy areas. because, they area ensure broader than enemy area.

Assimilator entrance is interesting.

0 Destruction - All Ground units can pass.
(Width 40 pixels, Ultrarisk width 38 pixels)

1 Destruction - That is Passable units.
(Width 24or25 pixels, no 25 Width pixels in BW)
(in troy map, 30 or 31 fiexls)

Terran : SCV, Marine, Firebat, Medic, Ghost, Spider mine.
Protoss : Prove, Zealot, High templer, Dark templer, Scarab
Zerg : drone, Zergling, Hydralisk, Broodling, Infested Terran
(Defiler Width 27. so defiler can't pass)

2 Destruction - Only Scarab.
(Width 9 pixels, Scarab width 5 pixels.

(in troy map, 15 pixels, troy wider than this map 8 pixels.)
ghost have width 15 pixels, zergling have width 16pixels.

1grid(128x128, 128grids = 4096pixels, 1grid=32pixels)
modified by TwoS
Did you chose that width of the gates precisely to exclude defilers from passing semi-destructed gates?

I think you should connect the 3/9 o'clock expansions to the middle and/or maybe add an expansion in the centre. Right now the whole middle section becomes complete dead space after the gates are destroyed.
It was not chose by me.(not intended)
but, terran was difficult to exp check zerg on hive tech. they have kernels.

imo, if add an exp in the centre,
player will feel uncomfortable in passing diagonally.
and i fixed 3,9 o'clock exps previoisly to the island.(in first virsion, it was grounds type. like your idea)

Many people are reductant to go island exps.
Because, they feel annoying in play..

i agree your think.
and i think block neutral buildings on 3,9 o'clock to middle way.(hp 5000,
I think that should be mixed with the ground elements of the island .) how about your opinions?
I guess blocking the 3/9\' expos off with neutrals is probably the best compromise. Maybe a ~2000hp neutral (like a stasis cell or psi disruptor) will suffice though.

I still feel like the middle needs another expansion to not be just dead weight in a late game full island scenario. An Andromeda-like double-gas expansion would add a lot of strategic interest. I kind of agree to the pathing point, though. This middle is a lot tighter than Andromeda's or FS's, though, so a central expansion would make it really tight overall...
I am thinking of a different potential solution right now, I will try and make a sketch...

EDIT: Maybe something like this could be a direction to go:

modified by Freakling
if i aplly your opinions,expos(elemented only minerals) received tank strike from centre over the gas.
i intend dinstance minerals expo~centre.

another, Thet made a few different intentions .

6,12o'clock expo surrounded in four directions.
Even if a player secured expo, it makes a variety of drop route.
usually, play build many turret on island expos.

also terran was strong in Consisted of the island map to the continent. like Forbidden Zone, Desert fox
I made the changes as drastic as I could to get the idea across. Maybe you can find some nice middle ground.
Another general idea:
Have you considered a change of tileset to Jungle, Desert or Ice?
You could then use cover-providing doodad tiles under the assimilators to make them harder to destroy.
what destroy that makes them harder??
i don't understand.
Doodad tiles that cause ~50% chance for all ranged attacks to miss (like trees, for example).
The fact is that the biggest factor that destroys zergling. It is worse to Terran.

Terran cannot lead Zerg, Protoss at early.
they are a position usually being isolated.

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