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Last update for (4)Natural Rules : 2017, 06, 18 01:28
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4874 (4)Natural Rules 64*64RickV0.6betaground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 34 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Once covered by the Ice Age.
Now the land wants to come back to life.

About map (Modifications Done):

-1v1 2v2 4 way ffa map, looking like blood bath, but not quite so.
-64*64 map.
-Closed up the middle between each base so a person doesn't die too fast.. but dies a little moderately e.e...

Any bugs or fixes please point them out.

Added an observer version of the map
modified by Rickv100491
i've said this on discord like 5 billion times and i'll say it again, geysers on the bottom are less efficient than geysers on top. and since players only have 1 base this magnifies the problem massively since that 1 extra worker on gas matters more, so the right spawns both have a significant advantage over the left spawns.

also there's literally no point to the low ground geysers, they don't affect gameplay but they look ugly
There's not much to say since the map is very non standard and small, which means it has inherent imbalances. Yes, gas issue, as NegativeZero said, and mostly unnecessary tile editing.
Do you really think gas issue would have any impact on this? How likely is it that any one ever reaches any sort of gas tech?!
NegativeZero I know about the gas Issue, always knew but the map says Natural Rules it means the Nature is the one setting the rules.

JungleTerrain yes is not standard and it is small and a 2v2 or 4 way map, but made sure that there's no problem when gathering minerals and gas, actually had a little 4 way in the map, dunno who has the replay winning, I think I need to ask for it.

Freakling, you asking if you can build units with gas?? If that is the question, the answer is yes you can actually build units with gas, try it then tell me :P. If that isn't the question. well dunno what you mean with your question.
My point is that any player would have a hard time setting that gas to any use as when they try to climb the tech tree, they'll probably die to the opponent overwhelming them with some mineral-only spam units (Marines, SCVs, Zerglings, Zealots) before they even have the chance to get anything useful out of it.
Zerg 4pool or 5pool --> win
Blood bath time! Muhahaha!
Rick is a terrible map maker who forgoes any level of quality or effort on the basis of being 'different' just for the sake of it. I've done my fair share of odd or weird maps but disregarding the basic principles of balance and calling it just your 'style' of doing things is retarded.

Rick, Rotgur, and Hobbes are also why I've stopped really taking part in NHFFA. I may or may not be back, but its shit like this that pisses me off.

I would recommend to you not to waste your time on commenting on what he uploads here, he spends less time making it than the time it would take to type a comment of the inherent issues of his designs which he willfully ignores.
What is NHFFA?

EDIT: Nevermind, now I know :)
modified by JungleTerrain
Nice that you know JungleTerrain.

Am.. Excalibur... I know what a balanced map is and gas.. I take into consideration each and every single comment I am given.
And no I don't discard them. I mean I'm only back to mapmaking from what? 3 4 weeks?? maybe what 2 months since I started playing in discord. As for my style if you haven't noticed I've improved my style because MY real style is Full blown Long distance mining. If that is your excuse for not playing nhffa well I don't know why would you even stop playing because of others, as for saying don't give them advice and so you seriously need to change your attitude some, not every map maker will follow each and every single rule out there take that into account each and every single person has a different mind set, and I like your maps I've told you and seriously, saying I'm a terrible map maker maybe I am... maybe I'm not, but As I put it here I had to post the map and take it out. If you don't like it that's good I accept your opinion but don't go and try to make everyone's else opinion be your opinion. That's all I have to say.

Outscar bloodbath is a nice map, the other day I played a map that a friend made.. it was called sorry for the words.. Worker orgy time or something like that. It was interesting and different to play, even if it followed the blood bath type gameplay.
modified by Rickv100491

modified by Rickv100491
I think my take on this map.. is something more bloodbath oriented but that's up to you guys and well you've already pointed that out so yeah.
Bug Found: Pathing in the gas.. The ice part wasn't letting workers come and go as they should have... fixed it.
Excal, you shouldnt devalue ideas just because they are crazy because eventually something new and usable might come out of them. You should specially not call people names for it :P That is brainstorming 101.

You know, i actually discovered "the gas issue" you're talking about over 12 years ago ( by doing random shit bascially. That's why you, and every professional map maker in the world are even making remarks on gas placement today.
Also check my back catalogue on this site for some weird ass ideas which, today, seems to be standard procedure in most sc2 maps ;)
*chuckle* and they say nothing comes out of crazyness... all brilliant ideas came from crazy people e.e
Yes but Starparty could execute a map properly. You cannot.
shhhh Excalibur shhh... you haven't even once tried any of my maps and I've tried tons of your maps, which have pathing problems because you love choke points and tiny bridges and so... *sigh* anyways I won't go over discussion and what not..
@Starparty, what back catalogue are you talking about?
eHe means his maps here on BWMN...
Interesting Ideas to be honest :D
He's saying his crazy ideas on BW have seemingly become standard practice on SC2 maps? How is that so? ( I don't know anything about sc2)
Changed the observers version because some triggers weren't working in the right way until now.
modified by Rickv100491
Things like watch towers, breaking rocks(neutral buildings) for secondary entrances, double base start location on team maps etc

This would convert into a pretty standard sc2 map :)

Edit: just noticed i even made 2*Size/half mineral expos in the middle which would be an early version of the SC2 "gold"-expos ^_^
modified by Starparty

-- vs (other, 1.16)
-- vs (other, 1.16)

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