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Last update for (2) Duelist 0.2 : 2016, 12, 14 08:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4875 (2) Duelist 0.2 128*9610cheon000.2betaground

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 11 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

12,6 expansion => 7m(1000) + 1g(3000)
The amount of minerals on the way to the 12 or 6 is 16.
I feel ZvT will be hard here, there is no possibility of 2 hatch play or else the Zerg is stuck with 1 gas, which is not enough for 2 hatch muta, or the Zerg will be stuck with a small amount of lurkers (which is not as bad since there are some bridges that can be held).
Not only will Zerg struggle to make mutas and contain/harass the Terran by the time the Terran pushes out with a good 12 marines and some medics (or imagine 5rax here, it's impossible for the Zerg), but the nat to nat distance is short as well. How can the Zerg protect a third gas with less/delayed muralisks and less lurkers? I'd say this forces zergs to make a lot of lings in early game (I imagine 9pool to be strong here) to apply pressure on the T (seeing as the main choke is pretty big), but I can see T just walling their main choke with supply depots. All in all, the Zerg has less options than normal early game.
I think this is one of the inherent imbalances in having a gasless natural though.

PvZ if I was Zerg I would definitely try burrowed zerglings next to the mineral block to get them in the P main :)
Other than that, rush distances are short, I imagine Zerg being strong with some early lings, and then going 3 hatch to get the 2nd gas. I think at that point it will get hard for the Protoss since they'll be stuck at 1 gas, trying to tech and at the same time having enough high templars for storm.

PvT I definitely see the Terran walling off and the Protoss trying to pressure with early goons and/or zealots. If the Terran defends well, then it gets a lot easier for them since the map is tight and expansions are not hard to get along the sides.

I feel the map would benefit from having a slightly more open middle or having the side paths widened. Overall it's pretty tight, but the chokes that currently exist are good.
Thank you so much! :)
I will improve the problem based on your opinion.
1. Add gas to the front yard.
2. Remove the gas in the expansion of 3,9.
3. Make sure that the supply can not block the way.

umm... How about 2 gas in main? And 3,9's gas remove. it is bad?
is it possible to make ling tight walls as Terran and Protoss?

I've never been a big fan of 2 gas in main, but that's up to you. If anything I'd say that it would encourage 1 base play in tvz as long as Terran can wall off against lings.

The natural and main chokes look pretty similar in size, I wonder if in tvz I would just wall off at the natural.

I just say this because as of now there's no incentive for Z to go hatch first before pool since there's no gas at the nat, and nat to nat distance is small which would leave the Zerg open for a bunker rush or something like that (assuming Terran will have no problem scouting the Zerg early since it's a 2 player map).
Now this is fine I feel for a map if you want gameplay to be more early-game aggression oriented. Overall the map discourages economic builds.
I think the bigger main chokes worked in something like Blue Storm because bigger units like dragoons, tanks, and lurkers had to go the long route and you could wall in at the main choke to deal with lings/zealots.
Thank you so much!!
I really appreciate your comments.
I was heavily influenced by the 'Blue Storm' or 'Match Point'.
When I create a two-person map, I usually make big units go to wide routes, and small units make it possible to go by a shortcut.

How can I increase my rush distance?
Shall I cut the shortcut?
I thought of a way to clear the shortcut and put a neutral building on a wide route.What do you think??
modified by 10cheon00
I think the problem is not the rush distances themselves but the fact that the nats have a wide main choke (which is fine as long as you can wall as T and no zerglings can get in, coupled with the other fact of having a gasless nat.

I think make sure that Terran wallin at the main choke is ling tight, and maybe move the gas from the 12/6 to the nats... I think the non-mirror match ups (TvZ, TvP, ZvP) really need that natural gas for balance.

I have more to say but I need to study now.

Hopefully someone else can share their thoughts, not just me.

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