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Last update for (2)Denial : 2007, 10, 31 21:01
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
493 (2)Denial 128*128SummerSky1.3final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 79 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Wow, another beautiful map.

Maybe you should take a look at this though:

The gas issue

A lot of ramps here^^ Imo it would not hurt if the battle zone in the middle was bigger.
... I don't know what 'imo' means. :(

Thx for your comment.
Imo - In my opinion

Just the short form of a polite way to say that you have an other opinion or sugguestion.

To the map, it looks great as well. A lot of expansions are cliffable/tankable so that might favour terran a bit.

It looks hard to flank a Terran, because everything is quite small, so a well done Terran push could do serious damage.

Anyway, maybe you also got some replays for us, of matches on your maps? They are always usefull and big fun to watch :)
I think there is such a thing as too much clutter on a map. There is too much terrain change everywhere and doodads all over the place. As a zerg player i can say it is hard to move around maps where there is lots of ramps and small chokes all over the place. I think the map would be better if it looked more like this.

Image Hosted by

modified by panschk[FP]
spor, your image posting is beginning to bug me. First of it kills the design (too wide, use width <600pixel and it won't), and it's extra 200 KB of loading too, which hurts a bit with modem. Try to express stuff with GMCS or make smaller images if possible, please.

back to topic:
There aren't really that many doodads, I think it is okay as it is. Just make the middle a bit more open (remove some of the water?) and I'm happy ;)
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Acutally i like the changes spor sugguested. Especially the terrain change at the highground. The doodads, well, i'd also say there are too much, but it's not my choice. The map would be pretty with half of the doodads. ^^
No. terrain changes are beautiful INGAME. On the picture, you can dispute about this. But ingame, it's hell important not to boring players by simple/one-sided terraindesign. And it's far more interesting
The version that is uploaded atm is great and beautiful. Don't change it.
*not to bore
capslock btw^^
That is not true. a good map is fun to play on anyway and decoration doesnt even matter at all in game. I had hella lot fun games with lis on shangri-la, before it was decorated and i didnt even notice it in game.
Well, you don't notice, but you definetly get it in your subconscious mind. And you would definetly mind if there wouldn't be any decoration at all.
I don't say graphics make a map good, but a good map becomes a very good map through the design part.
After your statement, we shouldn't touch doodads or another surface (just like dirt <-> mud <-> crushed rock <-> flagstones) at all because it is not supporting the map, but is distracting from the balancing.

Decoration makes a map definetly more interesting to play, and particularly when you keep on playing it. If this does not affect you on shangri-la, I suppose it's because of it being your own map and maybe you'd be more critical playing maps of others.
I wasn't talking about the decoration, i said, the terrain changes he sugguested are good. if you look at the picture carefully (what i didn't do first time) you see that he not only "erased" the doodads, he changed the terrain layout. And these terrain changes are good imo.

SummreSky uses 273647 doodads, which looks good to a point where it is to much. imo, h uses to much doodads all the time. Doodads interfere ingame, most of the time with unit AI. also i like to shot from lowground to highground with tanks, but if there are doodads all around, the range is limited, so the protoss can`t hit the tanks, becaue fo range (i often position tanks to close to a cliff, or want to raech a building with larger range).

So, all his maps would be beatiful, with half of the doodads. Look at any of my latest maps. There are many doodads, fewer than half of the amount you find here.

Anyway, again, i like the terrain changes suggeusted and would change the doodad count. but both are jst small changes which are in the concern of the author. If SUmmerSky likes his massive doodads style (which does look good) it's his choice.
And starparty knows what a map makes it look good, he proved this very early (hello space pirates :) but he only said that you don't need it for gameplay most of the time. Still, it makes a map more baetifull, and we all want to play on a map that looks god (in our subconcious mind) than on a plain one. No doubt about that.
I did not say anything about doodads. I just said that terrain changes are not needed, because if a highround is blue or crushed rock/flagstone-style is up to the author. It influences the look of the map, and I like it here because I think it fits to the mapstyle.
Free Image Hosting at

These terrain changes are good. That's what i said and you did not relate to in any comment, that's why i post it again. The others are up to the author. And there are to many doodads imo.

Anyway, i think especially this change would make sense.
eh, I think we did not speak about the same thing.
I did not refer in any of my posts to the green marked area you obviously talked about
Yeah, thats the "problem" ^^ i was almost only talking about this positions when i said "terrain changes" while you thought about changing the terrainstyle. Anyway, hope Summersky thinks about changing the map, or not, a reply would be graet ^^
But sometimes so many doodads can be distracting or in the way, I dont mind them although it seems other people dislike them.

Yet another well decorated and balanced map. Its a different style too. Good job.
this map is really gay to play on. I didnt like it one sec. A very good example of that all maps shouldnt be judged by jpg..
maybe give reason so ss can improve them or others can avoid it
just saying "not good" doesn't help, as you know^^
wel how about that the island minerals are gay, the distances too far and the battlefield too undefined. play the map yourself and youll see.
no to mention the incredibly imbalanced first naturals, but we never used them so i dont know if they were boring too.
the same with blue blood. It looked really nice on jpg but it was horrible to play on...
thx for comments. i changed map making method(balance,game>design), and it was old map(before i changed that), i should changed this map.
sorry i will fix it. Thx :D
this is a great map? ir i'm just too n00b :(
All skysummer's maps pown your mama. :(
Summasky is teh masta of map making. Bottom nat > top nat for Z?
modified by ProTosS4EveR

Oh i just see i wrote skysummer xDD
modified by ProTosS4EveR

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