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Last update for (4)Redemption : 2017, 06, 03 17:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4939 (4)Redemption 128*128FlameTitanRose0.1betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I already see some things I want to improve:

-Making sure the mains aren't too exposed to tanks.
-Amount of building space outside of expos
-Haven't tested the mineral pathing yet
-Is the 3rd too safe?

EDIT: Oh, and making the middle more interesting than it currently is.
modified by flametitanrose
and picture quality better :D
Krita seems to hate jpeg compression.

I'll try to shrink it for png.

There we go. Gimp did it better.
modified by flametitanrose
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The mains look on the small side, a reverse map like this needs big mains. There is not terribly much going on in the middle, so there is ample space to redistribute. I would also move the naturals a bit out of the corners and add more cliffs around them, or you run into the problem that muta harassment is too easily defended.
This post is not displayed due to its content
Was thinking the same thing about moving the nats out of the corners but for the reason being just cuz it's so narrow and tight there.

Definitely think there is enough space to fix some of the awkwardness in the map (small mains, corner nats, small thirds).

Makes me think of Neo Jade a bit, for obvious reasons.

Personally don't like the middle, but not sure what i would do myself. I think you might have enough space for another expo per player, maybe like a mineral only.

If you fix these things I don't see why it can't be a solid map.
You could possibly join the middle ridges to the ridges around the mains, Idk, might be interesting.

Oh and the repeated tile spam for the unbuildable ground is ugly, there are plenty of other tiles you can use.
Oh yeah, I agree the single tile is ugly. I need to look through SCMDraft for more tile variety.

Just as a rough estimate, do you think if I push out the mains about 4-5 tiles towards the centre it'll be enough, or should I go further, closer to 10 more towards centre or so?

You could use a variety of high ground temple ruins or even tiles from the top of ramp doodads, as long as they are full high ground tiles (CHKDraft and new SCMDraft have the capability to see this). Be careful with some doodad tiles, I haven't checked but some of them may have other properties (I don't know the full palette well, I know freakling has looked through them though).

In terms of the mains I'm not sure how many tiles, but maybe 1 full isometric brush stroke? Anyways you might have to shift the mains a bit.

I also think the thirds need a bit more space, it looks as if they are tankable from outside the wall.

You could potentially copy/paste a high temple wall all around the mains so that vision is blocked from the outside, I don't think it's necessary and will be more work but could be nice (I don't expect you to since I probably wouldn't do it myself).

Space-management wise: if you move the nats away from the corners and a bit counterclockwise for each one, you can move the mains more into the corners. This gives you even more leeway with space to do as you please in other areas.
Well, all tile property flags (and additional info calculated from them in-game, like vision terrain level or walkability by tile) are directly accessible via ScmDraft now. The problem is that it is not yet fully clear what some of them actually do (if anything). Some (like the ramp and doodad flags) may be considered in pathfinding. I am currently looking through it and eventually we may have that in ScmDraft as well. Until then I unfortunately cannot say anything defintite. You can always experiment with terrain in-game, though.

As for main sizes: this being a reverse map and nothing else really demanding huge portions of space, I'd say 3x4 grid areas of a 256x256 grid would be quite appropriate (I usually use that grid size and a 1024x1024 grid as my reference points).
modified by Freakling
I still need to work on the blending, but here's what I have for resizing Red's Main/natural (and will likely do similar to others)

Any immediate concerns, aside from redoing the terrain blending?
You thinking of moving the nats by any chance?
I'm debating it. I'm finding it easier to resize the mains and move the thirds for a larger Nat than to move the Nats themselves. If you saw the album I posted, I widened the nat by about a building, and moved the minerals away from the corners a little.

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