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Last update for (2)Evisceration : 2006, 02, 04 18:30
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
495 (2)Evisceration 96*128flothefreak1.1final

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 57 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

The 2nd map I will add to the Random Competition :)

Every base has 2 entrances from the start on, but they are so small, only small units (workers, zeals, also rines and lings) can pass. If you want a 3rd passage for larger units, you have to remove those blocking minerals (24 each). So if you go (as an example) bers/ht vs zerg, you can even let this 3rd passage aside and be quite secure in your base! same goes for mm, for example.
Another thing is the minonly in from of the 3rd entrance. The clue about it is, you have to earn away the block-minerals in order to take it effectively (each minonly-expo-block has 300, so together 2400). But then you may have to kill your HQ afterwards, for it'd be annoying to move larger units out of the base :D

It's a bit weird, but I want players to think about how to use those 3 entries in each matchup :D

The "sandy sunken pit-isles" cannot be reached from ground, I had to invent the terrain-indexed-tile-doodad-blockade for getting this :P

The gas in the center has a value of _15000_ and it's supposed to be one of the strategic points of this map, for there is not much gas and the isles can easily be attacked.

There are many ways top harass and attack the enemy and escpecially the expos :)

I hope ya like it, I'll wait for comments :D
ah, pathing works quite good so far
""he "sandy sunken pit-isles" cannot be reached from ground, I had to invent the terrain-indexed-tile-doodad-blockade for getting this :P ""

No idea what you mean.

There is no reason why you need that mineral on the droppable bases because you can attack them from any angle pretty early on and there is no space to build much of anything on them.

I don't like the idea of a center gas with 15000 in it, but if you're gonna do that make it 2 geysers with 4000 each or something.

I would narrow out the outpost lining (more like bifrost) and scoot all those bases back. Then put some walls around the bases @ 1 and 7 .
Oh nevermind i see what you meant. The sunken pit cant touch the outpost so you put a doodad there. good thinking.
hm, i made the outer compound quite large, for I had less ramps in an earlier version and wanted to weaken a terran push.
But shouldn't I let it like this, for it can be used for larger troop movements, especially vs T harrassing an expo, or just pushing through the middle?

regular doodads didn't work on all 4 places to block
so I had to create selfmade-doodads from the Terrain/Tileset Indexed-layer^^
I think thee is plenty of room to flank (or bypass) a terran push in the middle. If you made the outpost walls smaller there would be even more room because now there is no expos in the way of flanking etc.
Plus with those doodads up there they hinder the unit movement and narrow the size of the path anyways.
you definitelly got something going here...
thanks :)

hm, any further comments about making the sidepathes smaller? not convinced yet^^
Make the sidepaths smaller
Well, made a version with smaller sidepaths.
I dunno which one will be the final, but for now, I'll upload the new one as image.
Any other suggestions? Think it is good now as it is?
Ok, now the smaller sidepaths are considered the current version. I have to admit that I push this map, mostly for having some more comments on it concerning the balance. Sorry for that, but as this is for SP's contest, I set my heart on it.
use the original version and try make the small exits work without too many doodads and im happy
Very well. Now I dunno what to do- large sideways, small sideways 8[
So, you psuhed me into serious trouble. I also didn't like this doodad-stuff, because I only had to use it because it seemed to be the only way to have the function wanted. No I fought this part once more.
Now: I managed to get the whole entrance-thing covered with only one doodad. I wasn't satisfied somehow, because I still thought it would be way better if the entrance seemed natural- and not kludgy (as it actually was).

I tried and tried until I came onto something I should have remembered much earlier.
I had the same problem with the sandy-sunken-pit-isles, only the other way round! So I started trying again with the means I had utilized back then, and I've succeeded:
Again using terrain-indexed-tilesets, I managed to provide the passage with a cool natural look and the function that I wanted.

Though, I had to try amlost every single part of tilesets that had to do with cliffs for getting something that doesn't look fucked up ingame. :D

But man, I'm so proud now.
Thanks starparty for pushing me this far and making it to erase a major flaw (which was one to me) in it.
God, I could dance right now :)

Winner of...


congratulations :)
Smart SP ^^ Gratz flo :)

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