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Last update for (4)Crash Zone : 2017, 09, 14 12:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4966 (4)Crash Zone 128*128KrulAsfalt0.1finalground

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My first attempt at mapmaking. Ramps are looking kinda weird but are (mostly) walkable. The initial idea was positional asymmetry ala Grand Line.
The natural is so big. The space can probably be better used, mutas would be irrelevant on this map.

Pathways are pretty narrow and the middle is pretty open with no incentive to ever go there.

Main bases look too big (I could be wrong).

I think the grandline concept is okay, but it could use a lot of work, it kind of looks like Zerg can't win on this map, it's so hard to take a third, there is plenty of options for drop play as well due to open spaces in main and nat, you can easily hide gateways or a factory, dts.

So much space to cannon the natural if Zerg goes for a 12 hatch, he needs to be very careful with ovi placement and he probably still cant cover all he options.

Also, can a tank be dropped on that cliff at the natural?
modified by Eywa-
Thanks for feedback. I made natural with proxies in mind (I am terrible human being) and looks like I overdid it a little. Will propably place some cliffs here.
As for third base, would making central bases have only one ramp in the middle ease taking it for zerg?
And no, sadly siege tanks dont fit in that spot.
Yeah the nats are huge lol.

You have gas issue in the mains. The mains are awkwardly sized, they protrude out horizontally a bit too much and are too short vertically, partly because the nat area takes so much space.
The most comfortable mains are roomy, squarish/rectangular ones.

The mains are tankable from the nat. This means that a strong FD push that succeeds in killing the nat will have the possibility of ending the game (imo it shouldn't, the protoss should be able to 1base and come back), as tanks can tank the main gas/mineral line.

Also, this means that if a zerg takes a third base at an empty main, they can get tanked from below even if they hold the ramp.

The highground area right outside the natural is really strong for terran as he can siege up there and attack whatever comes out of the nat.
If you were to make the ramps facing more towards the nats, then you'd have a very linear horizontal pathing.

Notice how Circuit Breakers deals with this problem in its symmetry; the main path to get from one player horizontal spawns to another is the open middle through the double bridges. The other path is a tight one that leads through expansions and is overlooked by higher ground, making a player having to deal with a disadvantage if the other decides to attack from the higher ground as the army moves on top. It doesn't allow players to simply a-move horizontally. Also the high ground cliff does not overlook the natural entrance, so units can get outside through the bridges.

That middle bottom and top gas expansion is tankable from both adjacent mains.

Some of these issues can be fixed if you just reshape and allocate more space to the mains at the cost of the huge naturals.
modified by JungleTerrain
-Reshaped mains and naturals
-Fixed gass issues
-Streamlined pathing at middle platforms
-Added more space between middle platform natural choke
-Top and bottom based can't be sieged from mains anymore
-Middle bases moved closer to center
-Removed cliff at natural choke, just in case
Mains and nats look a lot better. Just remember that the bottom row of tiles is unbuildable because of the HUD in-game, so the top mains will be slightly bigger building space-wise.

1 thing, you don't really need to address gas issue outside of the mains. Naturals are okay for the most part to leave perfectly symmetrical, unless you can find a way to get them mining similarly without affecting positional balances.

9 patches is a lot for a natural expansion (the mains already have 10 which is a lot, the "standard" is 9-7 or 9-8), it is indirectly a small advantage for protoss or terran against zerg where they can have more mineral intake where they can build more gates/zealots or barracks/marines whereas zerg needs more gas, thus needs to expand.

This is what I suggest: I would reduce to 7 or 8 patches at the most. Then I would place the gas on the other side away from the main ramp. I would then move the ramp more inside the natural, closer to the sides of the map. This is partly because the ramp is currently really far forward and can be difficult to defend run-bys, but also because the minerals are already against the edge of the map and they are difficult to harass with mutas. Move the gas so that it can be harassed.
Then I would fill that area with clutter with some tile editing, make it impassable somehow, or edit with some water so no tanks can get in there.

Maybe add a ramp or two leading to the top or bottom expansions from the highground.

I think you need to emphasize the naturals opening more into the middle more, or something. Horizontal spawns for PvT is just not good. How will a protoss deal with a quick 2base 4-6 fact build, especially when the high ground is completely buildable?
modified by JungleTerrain
-Reshaped naturals again
-Reduced number of mineral fileds in bases
-Crushed rock outside natural show passage to middle safe from high ground tank fire
-Central platforms made partialy unbuildable (it looks fucking ugly now)
-Added some doodads

I think Im done with this map. Thank you guys for help and feedback.

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