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Last update for (2)Exorcist1.1 : 2005, 11, 01 12:56
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
497 (2)Exorcist1.1 128*128[7x]SpitFire1.1final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 70 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I begin to sound like a bot, but:

Looks awesome, very nice details. All those beautiful maps here <3

On the other hand, I think balancing might be a problem again. Mainly TvZ, were zerg can't secure everything with sunkens. So we are back to the question if a unit-only ZvT style is legit, I don't really think so.
In TvP, terran is not really in good shape neither, how about offering some cliff or something to make him stronger?

But really, it is all about TvZ here, may others post their opinions on the MU here, too.
also, the choke point between the players main and the backdoor min only expand is much wider at the top position. That'll be easy to fix.
wow, that's "open" ^^

I agree on panschks post. Terran has a VERY hard time here, taht's definetely the most unTerran map i've seen for a long time.

Some cliffs or highground/water terrain might make it easier to secure the open expansions all over the map as well as support terran in movement a bit.

Even if this is a really empty map somehow, it doesn't look bad at all.
lol, I was actually saying it's hard for the zerg in ZvT, as he can't really stop MMF with hatch-tech units. On the other hand, if he manages to threaten the terran, so that he can't leave his base, he might have a good shot. I almost never play zergs that don't just build their sunks and wait for muta/lurk.
Oh yeah, misread your post ^^

anyway, i think the open middle is Z favouring while the expansion is against Z. The expansion thing should be fixed somehow, as it is now, it's to vulerable.
i think 9 pool into double expo zvt can be a real killer on this map, especially when the distances and that t has to def either 2 chokes or near minerals
oh wait it looks ridiclious hard to def gas exp at 12 for z with sunkens so i might take that back
Damn! How many good maps! Need to find best maps, men... I can't make choice to play :P
Map was renewed after 5 min looking.
- 2nd mainbase entrance was deleted.
- added walkable cliff over expansions.
- 1st gas expansion now is surrounded by water, but still have 2 entrances.
i like it. it might be a little open though. In game everything always is larger than in staredit :p
Sure I know that fact :) The only problem exists that I can't find terrain configuration which will be fit to the whole map concept. Just too hard, I have nothing special on my mind o_ O
Maybe i should add 2 walkable upper expansions in the middle?
or sunken ground or what is it called. so you have vision.

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