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Last update for (2)Gajo : 2017, 10, 19 23:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4997 (2)Gajo 96*128SiaBBo & jamssi0.3finalground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Note to self: Never make a ash map ever again.
Why not?
Why is the relationship between high dirt and dirt/magma so weird? It leaves huge gaps and you need to fill holes with doodads. Distances and interactions feel completely different when comparing to jungle tileset, for example. I really like the look of an ash map but is it actually such a pain in the ass to make?

About the map: gameplay is very weird because of the expansion layout. Even if there are huge ramps in the middle, there are rarely any fights in there. Defending your 3rd and 4th at the same time is usually very difficult and making the decision where to take your 5th makes everything even harder. Gotta play this map more to actually understand how it should be played, lol.
modified by SiaBBo
I have always solved the backside cliff gap issue by just blending the High Dirt directly into the Magma, which is very easy to do with Ash terrain.

I guess the issue with the middle here is that there is little incentive to go through there. Defensively, all the expansions are on low ground around the outer sections of the map with lots of wide ramps connecting them, making it easier to just move the whole army between the expos and camp on the high ground. This also means that offensively, you'd rather push along the sides and take expansions behind your army. The direct rush path is restricted (blocking big units, I guess), so armies have to mover around the middle anyways. A too restricted middle path might just not work that well with the layout.
However, there are other maps that work like this, like Polaris Rhapsody. So there's not necessarily a huge problem.
I think that this seems really fucking great, actually.

Nice work!
I think this map is REALLY good for terran in TvP. I would just turtle and get 4 gas, max push. Looks hard to attack from a P perspective.
I can see that but I also think that defending those 4 gasses is not so easy. Also any kind of counter attack after terran starts to move its army would make a lot of damage. There is a lot of space to flank. Gotta try some TvP and see how it goes but I think defending all those expansions will be hard.
Oh I just realized that the 3 and 9 have wider ramps I thought it was just a normal width ramp from the picture. I still think similarly, although not to such an extreme as before lol. I just think of supply depot walling that entrance and then pushing out through the other side.

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