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Last update for (4)Vanilla Sky : 2018, 01, 09 00:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5037 (4)Vanilla Sky 128*128ngin0.2betahybrid

The map has been rated 32 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

It looks good... but serious problem is ... siege tanks.. basically a siege tank can shoot down each and every mining worker, check that out...
you want the workers to be able to mine without problems.
modified by Rickv100491
Thanks for comment.

It is intended. Because this map is time-based semi-island map!
Mmmm I see, so terran has high advantage?
That's not high advantage.
I think you should play terran at this map , you will change mind!
modified by ngin
Don't mind him ngin, one look at rick's maps and you'll see he has no idea what hes talking about. c:
Wonder how this will play out. All races can safely FE so makes me think zerg is at a disadvantage early-mid game, but then zerg can secure a third early on as well.

I think it will come down to muta air control in matchups vs zerg

Ah ok I see. thanks:)


Ok I will think about that!
OOOOk... I think I found something, I tested it and took into consideration some movements... early game zerg and terran have high advantage.. of course protoss can come out too, thing is .. each egg sack has 10 armor, which basically makes each hit it sack takes to be 1 dmg per hit, terran using marines and zerg using lings, protoss can come out fast because zealots do 16 dmg each, but thing is why z and t have high advantage, remeber workers(be it scv,drones or probes) can bypass walls and zerg and terran have air units at the beginning of game (so zerg can move overlord to a expansion and then a drone can just move to the expansion and claim it, same can go for terran using a barracks and claim it, meanwhile toss will have to wait until an observer comes out or any air unit, that's 1 point for zerg and terran, high advantage is that protoss can come out a little fast of their bases, although until that happens a fast zerg could have claimed at least 3 more expos besides the natural and main or maybe I'm exagerating too much, let's not say 3 let's say 2 more ... but well been honest the idea itself is quite good, I'm just pointing that out.
Rick, you really should learn about game mechanics a bit before you start theocrafting.

Zealots don't do 16 damage but 2x8, meaning they deal 1 damage per attack to eggs, as opposed to .5 for Marines, Lings or Workers. The unit of choice for Protoss to break Egg walls early are Dragoons, which deal (20-10).75 = 7.5 damage per shot to Eggs.
There is absolutely no advantage for T or Z because of early flyers because all players can equally tunnel workers through the walls. That's what those mineral stacks next to them are for.
modified by Freakling
ahhh well yeah, thing is the dmg said is 16 but yeah , I thought too they do 8 each psi blade, and ooh... I didn't take into account the minerals in and out, I thought they were there as a mean of block, but if they are there for that reason then, I take my thinking back, and admit yeah it is a good map that, is balanced, I liked playing in it, to be honest, I was just curious for some things and was pointing/asking about them.
modified by Rickv100491

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