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Last update for (6)Numbskull Desert0p9 : 2018, 01, 30 02:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5040 (6)Numbskull Desert0p9 128*128Jukado0.1betaground

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19th January 2018
Version 0.9 Numbskull Desert

A 3v3 or 2v2 map where allies spawn together under Use Map Settings.

The first player on each team spawns in the corner of the shared main, closest to the low ground nat with the ledge.
The second player on each team spawns next to them in the shared main, closest to the high ground nat.
The third player on each team spawns on their own in the other corner.
Its North vs South teams.

One of the entrances into the shared main can be walled ling tight with 1 rax 1 depot.
The other entrance into the shared main can be walled with 1 rax 1 depot but not ling tight.
There are building markers, and marines spawn inside the wall.

tl thread click here
modified by Jukado
Freakling, I used your Desert Ramp brush file for these. I know it is labelled beta, here are some things I came across:
* 153 right edge (added an unbuildable tile)
* -27 right edge (created)
* standard ramp 27 (created)

I also added cut versions of the 27 standard ramps by simply snipping off the 4 cliff tiles that stick out, could be nice to have that.

Also as you know the default Desert ramps are not mirrored properly and there is a tile with a little bit of high ground on it at the bottom of one of the ramps.
You chose to use this tile for your inverted ramps that face one direction because there isnt a good looking alternative.
On this map, I chose to change those tiles out though, even if the ramp is a bit uglier with it.

If you update the brush file, maybe label them with a prefix of "basic ramp" or something so that all of the more commonly used brushes appear together at the top of the list.

Heres me planning aloud how I might customise the brush to be organised in a more newbie friendly way and be more efficient:

Standard ramp in single, double and triple width ready mades. All 4 directions.
And then have left edge, middle, and right edge for making extra wide ramps.

Then the 45 degree ramps, same as above.
Then the really steep ramps, same as above.

How did you get the degree symbol to appear in the labels for the ramps?

Thankyou very much for sharing those brushes. Excellent resource.
I made some suggestions to SI about additional functionality I think the brush file needs (like brushes that are not just 1D lists but 2D matrices, full hotkey support for scrolling through brushes, brush randomization, find/replace tiles, brush filtering/reordering, better management tools to allow for easier indexing, moving around, creating, deleting, inserting etc. of brushes within the file etc.)
He seems to have other priorities with ScmDraft right now, so I don't know if or when any of my suggestions will be implemented. However, given how cumbersome editing brush files still is at the moment, how many hours it takes to compile a brush file of this extend (which I mostly mad as a demonstration to what a brush file could be like and why extended manging tools would be badly needed), I am not going to try and change anything for now.

The degree symbol () is a standard part of the German keyboard layout :D
Fuck yeah, new map. Has potential to become decent 1v1. Nothing else to say, I've been away at mapmaking so long. Keep going.
ASL5 map submissions request.
Ive made a thread on tl for it:
click here

modified by Jukado
Jukado... anyone can try..?? and until when it's the time, if there's enough hopefully I can make mofications on maps.... aaaaand hopefully they like it.. if not well next time I guess :)
modified by Rickv100491

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