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Last update for (2)Aegis : 2005, 11, 24 12:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
506 (2)Aegis 128*128RSCup.SpitFire[7x]0.2final

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 11 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Should work ok imo. Though blocking minerals are getting boring by now :/

Looks like a good map imo
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Looks interesting.
constructive kekeke :7
Yeah i know, i'm a bit tired of commenting.

It's just a very cool map, with nice design. I like the positions of the expansions as well as the mineral wall, even if it could be left out easily.


(better mr.pathing?kekeke :P)
hey, i didnt complain this time! ;P
Great constructive IMHO.
Very good map, I like badlands maps like that...
whats with you and those proppeller doodads they are everywhere on many of ur maps :P
and you might want to add more minerals in main and expo beacause the map looks really zergy as it is
ow, true, at laest 8 or 9 mins per base.
We want more mins!

btw, update looks good so far.
"Mineral" update is made.
And I've added second entrance to min-only. I think that it will have a great influence on the whole map concept, because there are many tactical possibilities now, it became harder for T to defend his additional expos, it was a lot easier before - he could take min-only and gas nat in one minute, now these expands have another entrance, so the game should become less predictable.
deffing the choke of the min only choke with cannon looked like the only way for p to secure second expo vs zerg, so now they have to try to take the second expo on the other place.
but its really open and the gas looks undefendeble in pvz unless 20+ cannons. and you cant defend the first and second nat at the same place so you have to split up forces and defend two very open expos.
also fix the structure cliffs they arent near as good at 11 pos as it is at 7
Spitfire, your maps are all quite good. This might be an MOTW also, but, you have to check everything. 363 wrong or misplaced doodads/stuff is definetely not how it should be. Try to change that and make it easy accessable with Staredit as well.

It looks really weird if someone opens this map and gets an error message like that.

Also check your other maps please.
Gratz, still check out the StarEdit troubles in your latest maps please :) Good work!
Protoss vs Terran has to be Terran imba.Terran can easyly get 4expansions or get a contain at the expansions next to the Main.I think Terran wins more than 75% of TvP on this map.
You noticed the ramps? :O

well, maybe spitfire should make them wider to allow large unit-movements over them...
You noticed the Natural expansion ramps where no Goons can get up?what should the Protoss do if the Terran goes fast Drop with tanks behind the expansion?As the Terran has no problem defendig his expansions with tanks and turrets or just vulture mines the protoss has extrem problems defending his expansions against drops and pushes.Actually Protoss players should out expand the Terran but its quite impossible to get an expansion with gas faster than the Terran.

Also if the Terran makes turrets and tanks on the expansion next to the main Protoss can either give up a lot of buildings or let his whole army get massacred by tank fire and probably vultures.

And now tell me this map isnt Terran favored.
I wonder what StarCraft some play...

Ultralisks are the largest groundunits in starcraft, and even they can walk up these ramps with a simple click.

Anyway, the left highground near the upper natrual should be pulled back to reduce a chance for T to contain. Thought i sugguested that already. Obviously i didn`t ^^

Please look through the map again Spit, still great work.

The ONLY "ramp" where a unit can't get up are the stairs on space - and the Ultralisk then is the ONLY - the ONLY unit that can't use these stairs. EVERY OTHER Unit in starcraft can use EVERY ramp.
omg... my english suxx.. i`m so hungry ^^

Erm. first sentence should be: "i wonder what kind of Starcraft some people play..."

thx for your attention :P
and space Stairs doesnt work that way. on the right stair every unit except ultra can walk, but on the left leaning stair many units cant come up at all including the tanl, and gols have very much trouble.

Thats just the way SC works but:

The ONLY "ramp" where a unit can't get up are the stairs on space - and the Ultralisk then is the ONLY - the ONLY unit that can't use these stairs. EVERY OTHER Unit in starcraft can use EVERY ramp.

That is wrong.
Prove me wrong, you get every unit up or down the stairs, exept the ultralisk. you just have to click more often on some. (or simply open SCMdraft, select a uit, and you see the "blocky parts" of the ramp, the green square is the area the unit takes for movement. As long as you have a path that is big enough for this green area, the unit can walk up or down) Even on Fallen matrix are positions, where you can send zerglings throguh a "hole" between water and cliff, but the "normal" ki does not see this hole ;) i can prove everything if you want to see it :)

here, at these ramps, it works flawless.
I alraedy had this "stair" discussion on my map Beyond Atmosphere, i upload a replay just to show you that terran tnks and gols have no problem (they both are of the same size, dragoons also)
i have tested it for myself goddamnit, and peatza already proved me wrong when i had the same thoughts about it as you have.

You gotta try BOTH stairs caus 1 DOESNT WORK.

End of story.

End of story.
That doent work on my computer seriously, and obviously not onm peatzas either. And that is way more reasons than nessecary to leave it out. How you did it is still a mystery cause you wouldnt be able to do that on my computer.

_End of story_
I'm a magician :) (no i`m not :/) Anyway, back to topic.

Spitfire, thought about changing the gighground near the top natural as described?
this map was really big :o and zerg had some trouble holding expo at bottom
^^ well... you were quite fast :) gg
Erm, Spitfire, have you added the old version again? I see this mineralwall again, i imagine you deleted it a few days ago...
Ok, only the picture shows the mineral wall again, myabe you did an update and uploaded the wrong picture?

Also, look at the top position again, the highground on the left side should be pulled downwards a bit, Tanks are to powerful atm. Change that!
Ah, just because we started this Staridiscussion here again: on Xuuls spacemap (dunno name atm) there are also these stairs which are hard to climb (and there, my units dont want to get up...) VERY strange.i have no idea where this comes from. Maybe a difference with what editor you set thsi doodad, or if its converted to terrain or something...
Nice replay ^^ Sad that this MOTW tour wasn't that big as the last one. Maybe because of the weird date this time.


--x6AMD-Alfa vs [7x]Plumbum(1on1, 1.13)

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