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Last update for (4)MellOws Outpost : 2018, 08, 27 06:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5070 (4)MellOws Outpost 128*128MellOw0.5betaground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 20 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Finally got around to playing with the new ramps. Played some fun trial games on this. It's super raw, havent started decoration yet.

UseMapSettings for 2vs2 play!
Well, this map show rather well what's wrong with the "art style" (hardly deserving of the term, as no real artistic concept is apparent to me) of the new ramps. It all looks somewhat unbalanced and crooked. And you'll have to do a lot of manual post-editing. Check the "height" (terrain level) overlays to see where flags are not set correctly.

Those square building indicators look horrible.
A lot of stuff isn't blended-in at all.

modified by Freakling
eh, the custom inverted ramps always had a lot of perspective issues too - the weird combo of flat pathing and isometric art makes symmetrical inverted ramps impossible to do well. realistically, they should be much smaller than the forward facing ramps, since they slope down along the "hidden" rear cliff wall, but that wouldn't be good for balance, so i think the "crooked" shapes are about the best they could do...
modified by NegativeZero
Well, they did correct perspective for some (e.g. Badlands Structure), crooked shape for others.

Now the core problem (from, on the one hand, an artistic point of view, but on the other hand also gameplay) is that no mater what they look like, they are all copy-pasted over the exact same flag templates for all tilesets and terrain types. Sometimes all the spaces where graphics and actual outlines did not fit gaps where just filled in by copy-pasting in some existing doodad graphics or something similar. Sometimes there's hardly any relation between graphics and gameplay at all, units can walk over "cliffs" or hit invisible "walls", Sandy Sunken Pit ramps in particular has some ramps that look hardly half as wide as they actually are (and that the inverted diagonal ramps here look visually so much wider than the front ones is mostly due to units being able to walk "on the edges" of the latter ones). Look at the rearwards Outpost ramps here (or any of the other straight-up-facing maps): Why are they visually wider than the front ones? That makes no sense, artistically or perspectively, is exactly the opposite from how the diagonal ramps are designed. Now as far walkability goes they are in fact perfect mirrors (unlike the diagonal ramps!) but terrain level for the upwards-facing one extend further down the ramps than for the downwards-facing ones. There is no consistency in either artistic design or perspective or gameplay for any of them. Seems like that they did not really have the spare resources to properly design something and just let some one with only marginal understanding of game mechanics, no congruent artistic concept and poor spatial perception hack their way through Photoshop for a few hours; and got what is to be expected under such circumstances: Garbage in, garbage out (there's really no other way to put it, sadly)…
Most of the classically blended ramps tend to look a lot less out of place…
Personally I will stick to most of my own ramps, maybe use some of the new tiles here and there wherever I can get them to fit if it makes more sense. However I would have to spend the time looking through the new doodads and trying stuff out. This is all assuming I come back to spend time in the editor again.
I whipped this map out pretty quickly, just playing around. I have played about 10 games on it and they were pretty decent.

I do think the side ramps look pretty cool, as well that the smaller mini ramps. I tested the smaller ramps with army control (Center left & right) and they all seemed to flow pretty decently without anything getting caught up or blocked. Groups of 12 vultures or dragoons run through them very nice and fluently.

I do wish they made structure platforms buildable. I really wish they would add another tileset or two!

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