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Last update for (4)Sanctuary 1.01 : 2022, 01, 24 13:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5221 (4)Sanctuary 1.01 128*128Minerals (Concept: JungleTerrain)2.5betaground

The map has been rated 20 times and got a total of 49 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Just an old map I had sitting in one of my map folders. As you can see, I never finished it.

This actually started off as a remake of PhilipJayFry's (4)Barzak.
So you wanna finish it? Maybe submit for STPL?
Oh I guess I have some time before the deadline. I can try. I remember that I wanted to rework the mains and nats. They felt really awkward. Especially red and teal mains.
Hey, that'd be great :D

This looks pretty playable alsready, so sufficient for submission. There'll still be time for edits after the initial submission deadline.
modified by Freakling
Awesome layout
The one thing I'd like to see, and would have liked on the original Barzak, would be if all rush paths went through the tight bridges, but I know that's hard to achieve for a 4p mapů
would be cool if you finished this map ooor can i play with it? :D

modified by Minerals
This looks good, actually Ox has a standard map competition going on, and this map should fit right in
Sanctuary 0.93 --> 0.97

-Added an additional smaller bridge to each quadrant. Scouting units will now travel through two small bridges from main to main, except in cross positions obviously.
-Removed bridge going to 3rd gas base, replaced with spine ramp.
-Added rocky high ground spots to reduce some chokes a bit.
-Added more decoration.
-Reduced main size.

[4/28/2021 1:22 am PST]
modified by Minerals
looks like fs + poly
Sanctuary 0.97 --> 0.98

-Removed ramps connecting the high ground near mineral only to the center.
-Added a bit of cliff area to the clutter.

[5/11/2021 1:09 am]
modified by Minerals
Sanctuary 0.98 --> 0.99

-Widened 'smaller' bridges a bit.
-Pushed naturals toward the edge of the map 2 tiles.
-Opened 3rd gas bases up a little.

[5/25/2021 3:30pm ]
modified by Minerals
Sanctuary 0.99.6 --> 0.99.8

-Main base mineral lines switched around
-Few deco fixes

Should be ready for Map test tour now :)
1.0 release afterwards
modified by Minerals
NWMC Test Tour Vod:

--Unco vs Minerals(1on1, 1.16)
--sunflowers vs Nt]KinG(1on1, 1.16)
--Minerals vs sunflowers(1on1, 1.16)
--Precision vs Sahwakhaeng(1on1, 1.16)
--Dewalt vs Dandy(1on1, 1.16)
--Dewalt vs Dandy(1on1, 1.15)
--Dewalt vs Dandy(1on1, 1.16)
--Sziky vs Ultra(1on1, 1.16)
--Sziky vs Ultra(1on1, 1.16)
--Sziky vs Ultra(1on1, 1.16)
--Sziky vs Ultra(1on1, 1.16)
--Sziky vs Ultra(1on1, 1.16)
--vOddy vs Tech(1on1, 1.16)
--vOddy vs Tech(1on1, 1.16)
--vOddy vs Tech(1on1, 1.16)
--vOddy vs Tech(1on1, 1.16)

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