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Last update for (4)Bluemoon 0.50 : 2020, 12, 11 02:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5274 (4)Bluemoon 0.50 128*128KM-6.0betaground

The map has been rated 2 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

just a draft yet

Long time no see :)

(this picture is an old version of (4)Bluemoon)

originally, intended to make a new macro-4 players map with difficult 3rd gas (no expo next to nat)
after receiving many opinions about adding more expos, I've changed some layouts.
modified by zlald
I like where this is going a lot!

OC Itís still unfinished so I see several tank holes.

One thing I do see.. is the rotational symmetry seems a bit off on each of the ramps.. specially the ramps leading to nat..
Have you tested wall-ins?
Excited to see where this goes when maturing.

Maybe 12/3/6/9 bases should be half or no gas?
To me, it seems 4 easy gas might be a little strong?

There is $100 USD Map contest here that maybe you should check out!
modified by Minerals
<3 Polypoid

Please join BWMN discord KM-
stylezergex // what does OC stand for?
yes, it's unfinished but tank holes and wall-ins will be adjusted surely.
symmetry of the ramps.. ok I will check it again

Minerals // 7 minerals(each by 1000), 1 gas(2000)
I agree on your point. It would be better to make 12/3/6/9 more open and vulnerable maybe

thanks for informing and hosting that contest ox :)
nice deadline.. so cool
Thanks. I hope you join the wonderful BWMN discord community. Lots of cool stuff happening there =)

OC = of course

Very cool map.
Are all bases full gas?
What's the point of those High Sunken Ground spots in the mains? For top left/bottom right spots they are valid drop spots for harrassing the nats, at the other two locations not so much.
Overall I can see lots of weird drop areas (or at least areas that look like they can be dropped on, which, if they are not, is really bad for map readability) that aren't even symmetrically distributed around the map.
3/6/9/12'o expos -> 7minerals(1000) 1gas(2000)
and others are of full amount.

High sunken ground spots -> a kind of hommage;
(4)Shakuras temple by WSH. thus I will make there undroppable.
those spots could be replaced with a thin dirt-high dirt terrain, but just for design :)
I see, positions of those spots need to be adjusted.

tank holes or drop areas are not intended. they will be removed later.

as you know, (2)Eclipse by LatiAs has similar area at 1o's nat. and it did confuse players at first. However players adapted after some games.
if this map is gonna be used for a league, I would consider changing the terrain for readability..
Players adapted to Eclipse, but only after unecessary and frustrating trial and error and complaining.
Thanks for sharing that fact about players adapting to eclipse KM and Freakling.

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