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Last update for (4)0113 060 : 2022, 01, 20 08:28
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5397 (4)0113 060 128*128KM-2.5betaground

The map has been rated 2 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Just a draft yet (not corrected pathfindings, wall-ing, resources amount)

basic type 3 players map :)

want your opinions about
- positional imba (asymmetricity?)
- resource layout (now 10-7-6-8-5, with all gases 5000) especially for center base ...
- elevated catwalk triangles; I think these reveal asymmetricity even more
- main base too big?
modified by zlald

image updated
The centre looks nice. The bases should be a lot safer though.
you mean center bases or all expos?
All of them.
Or at least most of them.
They don't all need to be super safe, but a nice, tight-choked 3rd for Zerg, some decent Pylon wall options and overall close thirds that cannot be swarmed from multiple directions would be nice.
modified by Freakling
oops I found that I've mistyped player numbers :l

I thought easy 3rd geyser for Zerg (vs Terran) would not necessary considering easier muta harassing in 3 players map than in 4 players map.
But compared with (3)Sylphid by LatiAs, it seems reaaally difficult to take 3rd as you pointed out.

what's your suggestion? the easiest option will be changing 1'o, 5'o, 9'o by high platform maybe..
Are low platform expos too open now?
Not much you can do about the middle expos being so open. They are more open than Sylphid's but at least they are high ground, and more open than Polypoid's, but have a gas. So I guess they are mostly alright, but at least move them a bit more out of the way, so units do not get trapped in workers when walking by and Protoss can wall with some 4 Pylons.
The far bases (1,4,9) could be high ground with a tight ramp (like Sylphid's). Zerg likes that and it also makes them easier to take for T/Z. The close low ground base should be more closed in/have tighter chokes.
so I should pull the middle expos a bit more, decreasing each main base size (I feel hard for the case of the blue main)

do you think vision blocker between main and expo would necessary if 1,4,9 bases are elevated?

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