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Last update for (4)Lamentation 0 : 2023, 01, 27 04:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5487 (4)Lamentation 0 128*128Hyojin4.3finalground

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Map Name: (4)Lamentation
Map Version: 0.53
Map Size: 128x128
Rush Distance (bottom of main ramp to natural entrance): Adjacent spawn 25s, cross spawn 32s

Original map is (4)Neo Requiem, by Rose.of.Dream.

The original Requiem map versions had irregular natural location placements and normal ramps, leading to several positional imbalances and very short rush distances. By pushing the naturals towards the edge of the map, a longer rush distance is created which allows space for natural wall-ins to be established, though the map should still be an aggressive map with high ground naturals and low ground non-corner mains.
The tileset was changed from ash to jungle for the narrow overlord cliffs. While overlord spots are possible on the ash tileset, using high temple terrain allows more space to be saved.
The significant change is reducing the high ground center to a cross, and connecting these low ground areas towards the previous semi-islands. Players can choose to use the fastest pathing route through the low ground, or choosing a longer path through the center to avoid a possible uphill battle.
The previous semi-islands are now connected to the center blocked by two-three stacked Xel’naga Temples with unbuildable terrain underneath. With the naturals being pushed back, these previous semi-island expansions are located in a better spot to be accessed from the center and create additional skirmish areas, instead of strictly outside of natural bases.
Zerglings can no longer pass through the natural mineral lines, but scarabs can fit.

Temples are now stacked x3.
Not jumpable by workers constructing a 2x2 building on the outside anymore.

modified by CrystalDrag
hiii CrystalDrag i love your remake!! Requiem is one of my favorite maps! ahhhh so many amazing games on that map!!!!
modified by Testbug
Increased space for overlords, fixed Xel'
naga Temples
Increase the smaller set of middle ramps by another isometric tile.
Removed unwalkable high ruin doodads in center.
Reduced two minerals at mineral onlies from 1500 to 748.
Added some Rangasaurs (can be 1 shot by a worker)

Removed temple entrances
Improved main base edges for construction.

Moved purple gas geyser to the left.
Readjusted Red and Purple mineral line for Z sim city, and P Zealot+Probe gap.
Moved Teal base 1 tile upward to be same distance as blue.
Moved Red and Purple base 1 tile away from main ramp.

Increase area ouside of natural choke slightly.
modified by Hyojin

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