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Last update for (3)Rush Hour 2023 0.95o : 2023, 03, 30 09:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5508 (3)Rush Hour 2023 0.95o 128*128Testbug5.8betaground

The map has been rated 6 times and got a total of 35 points

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0.92c Changelog, 22 February 2023:
- Edited a tile under the egg at the top left nat to make it partially unwalkable.
- Remove unbuildable tiles on the upper part of the nat chokes.
- Moved the eggs on the upper part of the nat chokes, so protoss can use 1 zealot between the egg and the gate to block zerglings.
- Added unbuildable tiles around the solar array tiles near the bridges.
modified by Testbug
0.92d Changelog, 23 February 2023:
- Modified the 4 o'clock ramp, to improves carab pathfinding. This new ramp has only one large region on the low ground, and another large region on the high ground.
- Corrected minor terrain problems around Solar Array around the map (some Solar Array corners where incomplete).
- Modified some tiles on all the inverted ramps for aesthetic purposes.
modified by Testbug
0.92e Changelog, 24 February 2023:
- Enlarged the 3 o'clock main so the top right area is more vulnerable to drops (in order to make 3 bases vulnerable to doom drops)
- Added some doodad tiles between 3 o'clock choke and the bridge leading to 4 o'clock.
0.92f Changelog, 24 February 2023:
- Modified some walkable and unwalkable tiles around the minonlies to prevent units to collide with workers

Top left:

Bottom left:

3 o'clock:

modified by Testbug
Nice map Testbug, like the advanced design.
Btw the middle has two plating fields that look like the swastika symbol (卍) which is an ancient religious and cultural symbol, predominantly in various Eurasian, as well as some African and American cultures.

Now also widely recognized for its appropriation by the N*zi Party and by neo-N*zis.

Short, it may be offending to some people.

modified by Kroznade

I'm just pointing out for no reason. Lol
I also noticed that... but the thing is this symbol was also included in the original map Rush Hour I, Rush Hour II and Rush Hour III:

Rush Hour:

Rush Hour II:

Rush Hour III:

Do you think inverting it as an inverted swastika can reduce the problem? I don't want to offend people, but i think it's very dificult to create a spiral in a StarCraft map without making it look like a swastika.
modified by Testbug
Ohh i think i found a nice solution!:

what do you think??
0.94c Changelog, 05 March 2023:
- Changed the two swastika symbols.
- Fixed a bug that prevented two mineral fields at the 3 o'clock minonly to be gathered.
- Removed an unwalkable tile at the 3 o'clock main, because it was blocking terran from bilding Turrets.
- Fixed a misplaced high space tile at the bottom left main. The square tile was cutting the platting design.
- Added some doodads at the space area at 2 o'clock to make the map look more similar to the original map created by skb9728_CyGnus.
modified by Testbug
I like it, especially the new design :D
modified by Kroznade
Hi I am new here how can I edit maps?
modified by Dewez
Hi Dewez, we use a software named SCMDraft 2. I am using a Beta version labeled as "Beta 0.9.10" but you can use the other stable versions.

Once you download it, you just have to set where is your StarCrasft Directoy, and then you can start creating maps!
I believe that you do use SCMDraft 2, but why are some labeled scx? Did you use Staredit before? I'm just curious. :D
0.95o Changelog, 26 March 2023:
- Fixed gathering issue at 3 o'clock.
What was the issue?
on the previous version, mineral fields number #8 and #9 were not optimized for Terran SCVs :

this is now fixed on version 0.95o
modified by Testbug
Nice :D
This is a very goodly designed map

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