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Last update for (4)Neo Luna 4.4c : 2023, 06, 28 03:34
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5534 (4)Neo Luna 4.4c 128*128Suricatta3.0finalground

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4.0 First Upload - 18 April 2023:
-Fork of Neo Luna 3.4 redesigned for 1v1 gameplay. Neo Luna 3-Series available at:

-Rush Distance: Close = 28s, Cross = 37s
-Each main base has 5k gas and 9x1500 minerals.
-Each natural has 5k gas and 7x1500 + 1x500 minerals.
-3/6/9/12 expansions have 5k gas and 7x1500 minerals.

Remake of Luna by Drunken Bird and i_terran
4.1 Changelog, 24 April 2023:
-Modified terrain around natural expansion mineral lines to ensure tight walls.
-Added terrain near natural expansion mineral lines for Zealot/Zergling interaction.
4.2 Changelog, 7 May 2023:
-Added depot/rax placement indicators at main base ramp.
-Fixed bot right main base not being ling-tight wallable with 2 depot + rax.
4.2b Changelog, 18 May 2023:
-Fixed top right main base not having a ling-tight wall.
4.2c Changelog, 29 May 2023:
-Fixed bad mining at #2 mineral patch for Terran in 6 o'clock expansion.
4.3 Changelog, 10 June 2023:
-Moved 3/6/9/12 o'clock expansions to the edge of the map. Due to this change, the rush path now goes through the center of the map instead of these bases. Rush distance is increased from 28 to 29 seconds as a result.
-Added cliffs behind the natural expansions.
-Moved the 8th mineral patch from the natural expansion to the third base, and increased it from 500 to 750 minerals.
-Changed center area visuals.

11 June 2023:
-Changed center area visuals again. The center is now buildable as a result.
modified by Suricatta
4.4 Changelog, 15 June 2023:
-Reworked natural expansion choke points to have eggs instead of just terrain. As a result, Terran can no longer full wall bot-left at the nat with 2 depot + rax.
-Changed some cliff visuals.
4.4b Changelog, 16 June 2023:
-Fixed right side rush path going through third base instead of center.
4.4c Changelog, 26 June 2023:
-Restricted buildability in center area to prevent 4x3 buildings from being built.
Hi Suri, I think protoss will need that 4x3 to build proxy gates in the middle. Protoss might want to proxy in the middle of the map before scouting their opponent's position. This is the reason why (4)Light Out has buildable terrain in the center of the map.

Although this request comes from protoss players, i think Terrans will also want to build barracks in the middle vs zerg.
Hi, Suri, no offense, but this map for me is too similar to (4)Fighting Spirit. I prefer your (4)Neo Luna 3 series, it's more like Luna the Final.
CrazyGOD, thanks for the input. I'm glad to hear you liked the 3-series version. I agree it's more faithful to the original than this version, but various tournament organizers asked for these changes, so I kept both versions available.

--SCRVN vs TrangXinh(1on1, 1.16)
--MrThang vs [nG]kiCk(1on1, 1.16)

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