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Last update for (4)Desert Cross : 2005, 11, 01 14:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
591 (4)Desert Cross 128*128CZ_Satik0.9final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 50 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

pic could be a bit larger, couldn't it? :P
perhaps a JPG-image? ^^
edited to a larger image.
the main bases/natural setup disfavor zerg imho.
and desert-tileset is not made for symmetrical straight lines (except of compound), so make this look natural.
I am sorry, i am not able to do pictures in size like you.
Get scmdraft HERE:

No, fuck scm draft, use mapconverter in the filessection.

scmdraft sux and it destroys tilebuilding in SF
well, I don't use starforge, and I even dunno what advantages or disadvantages scmdraft has compared to SF.
Just check out our FILES section on the left hand side - tools - mapconverter. Best tool for that issue.
OK, I downloaded it, but i dont have install version of SCBW, and both programs show exception 'cannot find starcraft directory', so I must get version which can be installed.

Also I updated the map - removed straight lines (I hope ;)
SCM Draft works well. Thanks for link - good editor.
Still, stick to Staredit, and only set minerals with SCMdraft, or special things like wider bridges or indexed tileset or use the zoomfunction to keep the overview. But as you might have guessed, i prefer Staredit.

Staredit is just the most stable and fastest tool out there.
Anyway, back to track, we get offtopic a lot today ^^

As flo said, the natrualexpansion setup disfavours zerg because the (gas)expansion isn't in front of the choke, so zerg can't defend his choke with a fast expansion.
Your Name
Well, I completely remaked natural exps, I hope now it is OK :)
'Your Name' ???? ^^
I forgot write my nick :)
Right now it is a clear "terran map".

Think about making your "center cross" a bit wider, and completely unbuildable. It would also look better, imo.
yeah, definitely. And I wouldn't make ONE cliff touching the natural of 2 players. If it's two enemies, if T can hold the cliff, the game is over (even controlling both nats AND base exits). If it's T on one side, enemy on teh other, T can drop units there quite safe, because he can do this at "his side" of the cliff.
Also protoss can build there cannons and zerg put lurkers...
But may I can divide it...
Updated - easier expansions defence, divided high ground between expansions, remade center, cliff entrances changed - now it is in every base possible to build wall from two supply depots and barracks.
I like the map but there is one thing that it seems to be fixible. So i see that you want the expand of each player have 2 doors. Ok, but the smaller door is prety unbalanced for a start. Just look at the distance! If this is a map for use map settings 2v2 only - OK. I think you can try move the expand a bit lower so you make the smaller patch more longer with the form of a rainbow (mayby) or somthing like that, you deside :) . If you make patchs longer i will play the map for sure! Then i will let you know the results with a replay :) .
And btw you can move a bit the netural expands to the center, because that way it's really easy for terran to defend. Or at least you can make the left netural with a wider entrance like the right one.
Ops i miss to mention that you can fix the gas issue too. Forget the simetry of the map. It's better to fix it, if you want your map to be good, not only in a picture view :) .

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