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Last update for (4)Shangri-La 1.22 : 2006, 01, 20 09:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
608 (4)Shangri-La 1.22 128*128Starparty1.7final

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 116 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

No decoration at all. Wondering if the concept holds?
and no main minerals yet
, its not a finnished map
first of im interested in placing expoes.
dont mind about the abvious small "put-a-tank-here" flaws, cause i know them myself, and doodads will correct that later.

but as i said, expoes - comments?
rofl, i downloaded it to look at it in the editor, an thought these temple walls near the !excellent! done highgorund to lowground ramptiles usage are in the way, then i click on the picture here, and they are gone... huh, wtf, i open the map again, look at the picture... am i dumb or what? Or SP updated it ecxactly after i downloaded the map... hmm.. another download, and tadaa, the walls are gone ^^

it looks a bit narrow from pos to pos, but the general shape is also great, i like it.

Maybe make the center walls a bit smaller.
Pathing might be interesting too. When you walk with your army diagonally, they may split up. Some walk the lower path, some the upper. _Could_ be that way, just guessing.
yes i updated it several times to make it 4 way symetry instead of 2 :)

the pathing shouldnt matter too much i think.. not worse than armies splitting up on opposite sides of a temple wal on lt i hope..

we can play it tonight and try it out? :) (like 7-9?)
i like that it is 4way and 2way symmetry at the same time :)
Dunno, my ex-girlfriend is coming tonight and we meet some friends then, maybe earlier, i'm already online as you see :)
remind me of puting a shoutout to xuul since it is his top and bottom ramp which is duplicated a bit.

The sides are my own creations though.
come now then :)
Just gonan ad some main minerals :P
looks exactly like that joydom map, except mains are highground and not highground sunken ground

actually i tried a similar concept, but i didnt finish it, cause those manual ramps just take so damn much time if they shall look good

good Job ;)
Holy crap! How you've made the bottom ramp! And the others look lol! Damn! You fix the blizzard mistake with ramps! Great job!!!
Holy crap! How you've made the bottom ramp! And the others look lol! Damn! You fix the blizzard mistake with ramps! Great job!!!
Oh, yes, now thats a system error! 2 post at once!

You know what, since i am the only one who have probles with this page i want to ask you? Am i the only one with IE? :)))
no i have it, and the page is optimized for ie
I did not optimize the page for any browser actually. I only test with Firefox and IE though, and if something does not work with an other browser, it's not intended ;)

The concept looks very good. Please make a decorated and playable version soon (+working obs version if possible-_-;)
Only little flaw I noticed yet is the the red base, where defending the natural from attacks from the right looks easier than on other positions.
fixed little here and there..

i added a exp which is mineable from 4 directions in the middle. Since the absolute center isnt the actual travelingroute on this map i thought it might work. comments?
also i wont mind a cooler name
The center looks better now, nice map :)
keep it coming, i wanna finnish this one
just an idea:
putting small minonlys right and left beside the large bottom/top ramps? because atm there is only the center expo to fight for...
Do you know what I mean? on the normal ground, directly after the ramp has broken the cliff, with 5-6 minblocks pushed against the cliff

just as a possibility
will be very much money then, and if the 2nats are moved there instead it will be easy to kill 2 expoes in one :P
what if minonlies are moved to belof the ramps in the middle of the walking path instead? its so much space there that it wouldnt matter?
Where to? Where the water is now or?! Think that would add more tactical value to the center.
no to the center of the paths. see gmcs
yeah, this would add more neutral expos to fight for. I have a map (not published yet) where I do the same, sotospeak putting an expo in a larger walkign path. It didn't disturb gameplay, so I'd say you should add those minonlys
In the path... like [ ] then, so that units can move easily. Hmm...
ok how about this?

zerg cna make interesting expoes in cenetr to own alot of ground with creep like a superbase :)

you can expand on which side you waNT
i just hosted the map

untitled scenario fix pls ^_^;
ups :P
yea.. u onlie soon so we can play mor? :D
I played this map 3 times with flothefreak, did not save replays though :[ Nice map fo' shizzle.
well, I saved the 3rd one

but I don't want to upload it: panschk has won game 1&2 (I played "dumb-newbie-style" and lost like, in 5min). They were so shitty played by me that I was too pissed to save them^^
third game was ok, and I won though it was my first pvz for 2-3 weeks. was actually quite entertaining, that's why I pushed the save-rep-button :o
but it would be quite hypocritic to upload only my only win-game in a bo3, so I won't.
ah, I forgot: The map plays _really_ great
(except when being kicked in the ass directly at the beginning)
only annyoing thing is the long distance between the diagonal mains, but well, this is part of the map :)
great! any little flaws to fix before i make a good decorating sheet on it? will be hard to edit afterwards.
hm, enlarge the 12h 3h 6h and 9h cliff (around the ramps). a terran pushing between close positions (not diagonally) has a very good advantage out of this, too good imho. I don't know how I would stop him. and as there is enough space to move 3h/9h ramps more to the middle and enough space behind the path on 12 and 6, you should widen those paths.
i can try, but working with tiles are a painin the ass.
I know that^^
but in the end, I always get to the point where I sacrifice major efforts to make changes like this^^
Ok, i really made something great with this map concerning playability. First of a moved the ramps a sstated, but thats not the greatest thing:

I used tileset index palette to remove the unbuildable ground that goes next to the walls at the chokes meaning that you can build next to it like normal cliff. Now terran can wall properly without having to worry about units geting through. Imo that really awesome!
I dislike the mineral onlies and the center somehow, even if it's better than before.

I wonder how a Zerg or a Protoss defends his min-onlies lying there, attackable from 360.

Hmm.. i have an idea, not sure about it anyway, post it later.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Ok, i made those (in a hurry) i prefer the second one, with the basilika as "bone cliff". But it was especially about the min-onlies, think they lie safer there, maybe better, dunno really.

Well i already play the map 3 times. Two times 2v2 and one time 1v1. But all games were fast... So later that night i will play again and hope the games are longer. For now i am happy of the terran way to wall at 11 and 1 o'clock. Protoss can't pass.
The ramps works just fine, and they are very well made. The graphic is cool :D
updated again. 1.22
Imo there are neutral expansions missing now. Add one or two in the middle. please ;))
this is nothing compared to the last version

for god`s sake, put the old center back!
This will be the best placement of expoes ther is without getting way outa hand.
Make some kind of neutral expos pleeeaassee :[

This map could be such a good 2on2map, but neutral expos are needed!
oh, I did not wait for the image to load 100%^^

ok, it's fine then ;)
could be some kind of king-of-the-hill scenario with the only neutral expo in the center which is also minable from 2 ways (2 player in a team, 2v2)
Above the middle left ramp is tileset indexed hard line from this grey stone stuff. looks strange ingame.
Lis actually won a game on 6pool too :) comments on that the sides are hard to stop terran push on?
In the games I've seen so far where T finally ended up shooting the natural into dust can't tell this. The reason for this was the following:

T did not have to push slowly. The distances are really short and thus, he only had to take 10sec when the enemy did not pay attention once, to roll onto this position and throw down a contain easily.
So this is actually no problem about the small pushing path. Though, if you want to make this work, you can largen the path beside each ramp (on both sides) so you could maybe stab T in his back a bit.
this would imho balance close positions, but the problem is that on long distances (1on1), T can't do much pressure and is thus disfavored because there is no really opportunity to push
i dont wanna be flaming anyone, but after seeing these reps, the main issue might have been that i simply was playing better than lis atm.
no doubt about that, these replays aren't that representative.
well, this does not excluse that it causes problems on equal gaming level, too.
Though it maybe did not became clear, I don't see this issue as problem or imbalance. I just said what he could do if he wanted to
i will play it a bit more to see some new results..
I love the map;)

SP, you put the observer start locations on the map, but you put them as "inactive" :D
Starforge does it automaticly and i hate ti. you just cant turn it off.
there, think i got it now
working obs version added :P
I change the picture to a more soft version, ok?
hmm i just love this map :P
i wonder if this isnt close to be the best on ei did. it is just really fun to play on..
best one I did*
Just very well made. i relaly like it.

Did you update the terrain and some doodads?
now? no i jusp uploaded the replay from sm


--LGI vs Stilgar(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs EMINEM_13(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-X.starpARTy vs Listoric(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-X.starpARTy vs Listoric(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-X.starpARTy vs Listoric(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-X.starpARTy vs OjoRojo(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-X.starpARTy vs OjoRojo(1on1, 1.13)
--Amroth vs Snail(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs Micro-Lzuruha(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs Alias.S.Agentti(1on1, 1.13)
--oG)zoxxer vs [7x]Plumblum(1on1, 1.13)
--Darki[CkG] vs Virus_Protoss(1on1, 1.13)

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