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Last update for (4)Sacrilege : 2006, 12, 03 12:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
630 (4)Sacrilege 128*128trcc1.8final

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 78 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My newest map by far, haven't made one in a while ;P

This is (2)Ardorris for 4 players.

Middle minerals expo to mine are 8, 16, 24, 32.

One of the bases has a bridge and the othere other has unbuildable terrain so the closest player can't turtle the expo while the other position, being farther, still can push more..
I don't get why you make those blocking minerals. They don't even offer any new gameplay, they just get on the player's nerves:[

Besides that, the map is highly position-depending. When You have a terran opponent who is next to you clockwise, you might have a problem:)

Also you have imba-gas, since when do you mistakes like that?
I couldn't find any main setting that could fit with =( I might rethink about it :/

I put mineral blocking to make middle expo harder to take, since they are the only 2 other gas expo besides the main and cliff expo..

Why having a terran would be hard close to you? They are not even that close, and middle is really big + terran cant wall the 2nd choke. I will have to test if everything is ok with the tank range on the cliff behind mains too.
I also think that there is a lot of harassing possibilities for all races with the nearby gas expo, you can drop there and make sneaky attacks, and along the cliff, you can kill for exemple a blocking rax terran choke.
i like it, but the blockades are useless since the center exps are too hard too keep anyway to have to waste time on that too imo.
the center expos are azalea style aka easier for 2 of the mains to take
put them where the bridges end in the center? :o
You mean the expand? Ya, i could, but i don't think it is a real problem as it is on azalea.. Expo are not favoring that much 2 mains in particular, they are but less :S I couln't fit into middle 4 expands with 4 bridges
Ya I will remove mineral block as usual, i always remove em after feedbacks =|
Ok did few minor changes

removed mineral block
Changed mineral setups in mains..
fixed pathfinding around middle expo + minor doodad, texture changes
bottom left base is the only one where you can't really cover your choke with a FE, imo not problem, hard to fix i guess. Map itself looks good, a bit cramped, but good.

I'd say it's even harder to play against a T counterclockwise. You can lift a fax and create vults and tanks right on the cliff of the natural minonly or try to push out of your own base to the cliff of the enemy. I see this as a big imbalance actually.
Already looks much better;)

How about some more "broken cliff" to make the "tanks from neighbour position kill your base slowly" scenario less probable?. I know you can not shoot your main minerals from the cliff, but you cut drop tanks down that are supported by the tanks on the cliff, can still be quite dangerous.
and remove the siegepoints over the opponent choke with broken clif perhaps?
exactly, nice :)
Much better yes
Mayby the entrence should be a little smaller. For protoss will be very hard to defend vs zerg. I've just had games PvZ on a map like this, but with smaller entrance, and it was hard too. So here will be harder.
you did say the opposite about summit crusade.
where is the difference between those entrances that makes you differ?
I am not very sure, but i think here the entrances are wider then in Summit_Crusade, i haven't play this map yet, but i think that here i will need 2 supply depots and a barrack to wall. In your map i can wall with one supply and a barrack.
changed author name as LGI requested ;P
Lol, i am not your boss :) . It just asked to do it to be more sorted in the map DB :) .
i have a random question. is anyone here from and is anyone here a pretty good sc player? i need a permanent map tester guy and i can test your maps too.
modified by EffectHypnotize
Travin who don't come here anymore was/is from . I don't know about others but Antares from here is prety good. Inept is also not bad, maybe atm we are at the same level whith him, because recently i've got a lot of time to train and i become better and better.

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