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Last update for (4)Ruins of Korhal : 2005, 11, 02 19:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
640 (4)Ruins of Korhal 128*128Panschk[FP]1.1experimental

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 60 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I wanted to try something new and use the possibility of the P12-sprite technique to it's fullest. There is something new for every of the 3 races:
- Terran have some addons already in their bases, making their teching easier. Alters the timing so much in any matchup that I'm not sure if I can do it that way though...
- Zerg gets some free zerg slime, so we could so something rare: hidden tech by a zerg, as well as some fast containing strats, as zerg can put sunkens without building a hatch first.
- All neutral units on the map are something that might be interesting for the protoss. At least the Duke Battle cruiser is a very strong unit, getting the super-hydras is probably not _that_ interesting though. Of course, you use mindcontrol to get those units.

Every unit/building can be destroyed just like in normal game, and the units don't move. So it's possible to prevent most of the strategies, too.

In this version, I think terran has an advantage, as the extra stuff is in his base, He should end most TvP with this advantage even before toss gets mindcontrol. In TvZ fast tank looks pretty unstoppable if done right imo.
I still just uploaded it because the balancing will be _very_ hard anyway and I want your ideas on balancing from now on ;)
Put damaged addons so terrans have to repair em before they explode =D
add a covert ops only. the other addons are too powerfull.
Make netural creeps on each gold mine on the map :D . And they can drop some artifacts too :D
Well, I can't do _everything_. It's still a melee map. I can try if burning buildings work, but I don't think so. I can also not change the strength of the heroes on the map to change protoss balancing, so it has to be the right ones.

@SP: Yeah, I realised that too. much too powerful as it is now. The nuclear silos will stay, because games where someone nukes are exciting;) the comsat at natural and the machine shop are too much of course.

I think i'll put a creep colony on each player's cliff, zerg just needs to drop some drones to build cliffsunks.
And maybe more/stronger heroes, so that toss can catch up the disadvante with their new friends ;D
Do you think a Yggdrasil (you know, the super ultra) might be ok or is he just too strong?
definetly it's a very cool idea!
so you favor more "experimental" (haha) strats, like, when does a P go DA with MC in normal games? :P

it would be cool if you could make a balanced map with ideas like that :D
Just updated. I don't think it is terran-favoring any more, actually I think if it wasn't for the cliffs it would be quite anti-terran even. I wrote the name of all specials (except the creep that can be seen easily anyway on the image)
Some thoughts:

I tried to make the heroes more anti-zerg than anti-terran because imo PvT should be easier than PvZ on this map. The Reaver hero on the island should be pretty deadly, a reaver who can take as many hits as two archons should be pretty mean with some micro. The ultralisk hero should be good if zerg goes many hydras or lurkers maybe, probably not that strong against metal or zerg aircraft.
In ZvT, placing the sunkens where the creep colony is should be a real option. That means too, that in PvZ P can be contained really hard quite easily. I hope it's not too bad (I don't know much about terranless MU^^)
oh damn, I forgot to put the nuclear silos into the image. So at both islands and at the center expansions there are nuclear addons. Also there is one drone and one scv not far from there. So we could see mutas in a PvT^^
Yggdrasil is the hero overlord? right?
yes right. I mean Torrasque^^ A super overlord is not _that_ terrible imo^^
anyway i think if P survives to mind control in PVZ gg on this map :)

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