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Last update for (2)MoltenSancuary : 2005, 11, 07 21:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
639 (2)MoltenSancuary 96*128NoNamedOne0.8final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 43 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

one word: empty
much-highground-maps don't work on ash tileset. and minerals still all the same kind, and again arranged in a stupid bad-looking row...
I think this is just the skeleton of the map. If it's not... then agree with floathfreak :) . Anyway i don't comment skeletons.
if it is a skeleton, I expect every mapper uploading such a skeleton-map to give the first comment.
-statement in how far it's finished
-his thoughts what to do yet, his concept
-questions concerning balancing/design/structure to improve the map

if not, I consider this mostly as a map regarded as final, because the author doesn't seem to want any reply of consult.
san"C"tuary :)

I think a map like this will be better as a air map, because it is too much 50/50% chance of loosing by taking the wrong way.
btw theats why u need observers etc...
well, nonamedone, you certainly know that there are races and units that are just more mobile as others...
a zerg with mutas can reach a certain map point way easier than a terran who needs sieged tanks to make sure he isn't overrun

so don't play the knowing highskilled player, thx
btw pro flothefreak can u say me how is mutas beter hear then at any other map? thx
I dont really think he need to speel it out :P
its the same as at neer to any other map
it's actually about being agile and mobil. with 2 ways, fast, mobil units (e.g. speedlings) can switch between them easily, others can't (goons, tanks) because they're slower
y theats true, but whot had mutas do whits it?

but mouth of speed units arend so deadly in late game, if u have some units to defend(zergling alone arent so strong, vultures 2, speedlots vs Z cant do anythink alone, vs T they are stopted by 5 vultures whtis mines)
*can switch between the 2 paths

that's all about your statement, it would be enough to have observers on the paths to handle them. but that's not true, unit speed is an important factor here.
yep it is... if u have some idea to upgraid this map, say(if it wudnt be somethink like "put bridge from left to right side"), btw dont think its so hard imbalanced whits fast units, yes they are stronger then usual.....
and each race had 1 speedunit, and each of it its realy good in kiling workers, but any1 of them can be easily countred by any other race, and each of it cant atack air.. dont see any prob. hear
why the map is so empty? it's good but, dont you want to add more terran and doodads?
nonamedone: this is no point.
races having a fast unit don't mean anything.

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