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Last update for (2)Artillery Of Sun : 2005, 11, 30 17:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
645 (2)Artillery Of Sun 128*128RSCup.SpitFire[7x]0.1final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

looks good, solid and well made. the mainbase/natural/minonly/highgroundexpo-setup looks a bit T-ish, but this won't cause any imbalance because the rest of the map isn't really good for T (quite open or, better say ways to stab T in the back while psuhing. in addition, no "easy" cliffs)
balance in PVZ should be ok, too because 3rd gas hard to get for z, so this is well thought.

the overall look/design is also great, I really like this map *would download if able to open games* :D

great job, fellow.
Close the holes in the compound walls. units actually try to walk through these = fucked pathing.
I didn't know that shit o________O
Fixed, thx SP. =]
also put the gas in center exps betetr so units wont accidentally try to move through working miners
And remove the minonly at the compound wall. 6 expansions per player aren't needed imo.

Looks good imo, nothing special, but good.

Also fix the red base, it's tankable from lowground i guess.
Ok, thx Lis, but amount of minerals is reduced in 4 expansions. I knew that 12 exps for 2 is too much, and made value of each chunk 1000 for minonly and 1200 for another minonly. But it's bad, I'm ready to fix it, just tell me.
Just played PvT on this, and uploaded the replay xD
Funny hehe :D
I watched the replay, the name of the map was Exit Light i think, read something like that somewhere ^^

I still would remove two expansions and set the mineral amoun to 1500 back again. The expansion was quite fast empty. Also your mainminerals at bottom base are at the mapedge, should be a path behind these for harassing as well as a hole for scarabs on both.
Drunken gaming roxx :D Damned, just back from the party... Here are the games :D
One more gay game :)
GooD cliffs in corners of map.
Good map.
The last version uploaded, created an obs version.
o_________O any comments?
It's still silent, could someone tell me more about balance there? What I should fix?
However, fixed a little bug with tanks on the upper bridge.
Some big updates were made, the whole gameplay concept on this map changed. And the name too :D
Now it is 8-8-6(with hidden gas, which was used by me in Charon and by Lis in ToE)
Minonly is has mineralblock with value of 8, which makes expansion more easy to hold by every race. Harrasing cliff was changed a little for gas, expansion with gas on it was changed from 6 to 7 mineral chunks with 8 mineral block against flying CC.
Center is more wide with more flanking possibiities now. Think this map became more balanced, though I loved previous concept. Games were a lot of fun to play. Btw, did anyone look the reps?
Now the two nat expands in the center have a wall behind them. Ok, thats good, but the walls are cut of a little ant there are 2 walls, behind minerals. Well thats bad. It's bad for patchfinding. If you have army at the one of the sides of the walls, and click on the other side, they will try to move trough the space that you've made between the two walls.

Well i don't try this in game, but i think that it's gonna be a problem.
I've jsut try something in game. Tanks can reach the gas of the bottom main location from 2 spots. And tank can reach 2 blocks of minerals at the top location. Look at GMCS.
Yeah, the hole should make trouble, thats true. I like the mineral wall at the min-only.
Ok, fixed.
that was artillery of sun ??? why astronomy ???
BTW look at the picture link =)

=))) this map Rocks i REALLY LIKE IT =)
wasn't the old version better somehow? :/ i'm not sure, it jus isn't my style of map i think, but the old version felt better, somehow. still the mineral wall is sweet here.
daite po lesen dostap do horata za karti
Lol, this is a bulgarian. I don't know him, but he write:

"Give an easyer access for the people to the maps"

I don't know what he mean really...

--MyLifeForAiur vs maNHunt[iW](1on1, 1.13)
--MyLifeForAiur vs scv_cA(1on1, 1.13)
--MyLifeForAiur vs GoD_UnderTaKeR(1on1, 1.13)
--scv_cA vs MyLifeForAiur(1on1, 1.13)
--MyLifeForAiur vs GoD_KingFiercer(1on1, 1.13)
--MyLifeForAiur vs n0mini(1on1, 1.13)

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