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Last update for (2)Dual Crisis : 2006, 12, 03 15:03
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
648 (2)Dual Crisis 128*128trcc1.0final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 50 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hmm, the whole concept is based on those mineral blockades :S I don't think it will interfere with unit AI cuz you can access to the main base by the primary ramp. I'd like if some1 test it =P

The expo inside the base is vulerable ( proxy cliff ) enough room to drop too

2 islands, and 3 ground acessible expand with few ressources 6, 5, 6 mineral ressources. Side path with bridge to flank. I hope it is as good as i think -_-
added 1 patch to sides gas expands. Minor doodad fix and terrain.

Removed unbuildable ground behind main base

(mineral block - 8 minerals ) Do some1 know how to use neutral buildings? It could be more interresting than comon mineral block :O
look at this news with the new PGTourmaps, I think panschk mentioned it there.

to the map:
mainbase setup is like in my (2)Escape Routes, but used in another way. the map itself looks really cool, well though about how to make the 2nd expo vulnerable. I would move it more to the cliff, though because it just seems as only terran would have a real advantage there with tnakrange. the (real) natural-layout is also very cool, I like it :)
the 3h/9h expos have a wierd look, I wonder how it will be ingame, at least it will be very interesting, though I think terran will be the only race being able to defend this gas permanently. the gas expos in the middle seem a bit misplaced in my eyes, but I can't really see where to put them in a good way anywhere else, because at the water-edges they wouldn't be wise. however, I don't think they harm the map-style there, so you can probably just leave them

in short:
cool map, I really like it. you implemented some cool ideas, and combined them well, and in connection with the good expo placement, this map will be really great to play.
Well only to be more good looking map all gas station to the bottom player are down or right, except for the main base, and the other player have a better gas issue to all expands. I don't think that the map will look ugly if you fix gas issue even if you say "players will be well with workers and that minute of the game, so they will add four workers". Somehow it's not very fair for all bottom expands.
god all maps looks the same.
gosh, here we go again:
NO, you're wrong
(I'll write more the next comment, just let me close this browser tab)
I agree with you LGI but, if i move the gas to where it is better, there will be a imbalance position cuz tanks will have enough range to hit..

For exemple, the 1st gas expandsion is close to a cliff. The gas position as it is right now, can't be firered by the cliff, so if your ennemy occupies your cliff, you still can build hatchery close to the gas without troubles. Same thing with middle, Would't be fair to have the top expand less vulnerable gas than the bottom one
Yeah, as long as the mainbase is balanced, this is hopefully not that of a big deal. Mainbases are the most important part to balance.
Hm, yes you are right. This can be fixed only if you play a little with the highground and move it a little bit, and put some doodads on high ground, but it's not that nessery i guess...
So, can some1 explain me how to use neutral buildings? or i should put more than 8 minerals in the patches cuz 1 scout unit can make a hole .. added 8 more minerals or 16 ?
Wasnt it something with placing the sprites of the buildings and they will be diplayed as normal buildings ingame?

If thats wrong I'm sorry,I never used it.
Yeah, you have to set the sprites. Still i'd say make both minerals 16 or something. It hould be used as an second exit, not entrance.
Even though you whole concept is on mineral blockade, I'm not quite sure if the blockade is neccessary. It does not seem to provide any alternative route(well, the units produced near the back exp would be easier to go out, but it would not affect that much)

What I'm worring is that there are not many exps. Especially Z would be hard to get additional gases. Center exps are almost nothing, then there are only two accessible gases. It seems to be very predictable where Z would take exp, and this predictability would give Z a hard time.
More building room plz... Maybe to the corners?

--scenester vs handjoy(1on1, 1.13)

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