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Last update for (2)Dual Serenity1.2 : 2006, 11, 15 04:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
649 (2)Dual Serenity1.2 128*128majorgamer1.0final

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Your Name
Any comments would help. :)
lol that was me im a noob
Also, something I'm still debating is the center mineral blockade. As it is now, zerglings and ghosts (although zerglings play the bigger role) can get thru it. On one hand it would be interesting to have this available, it would force players facing a zerg opponent to keep an eye on the center in the early game, and also players who don't keep a watchful eye could have their natural flanked by lings.
But I'm still debating whether to leave it as is, or completely block it off.
ya can't know this, put mineral blockades like between the two bases here fuck up pathing. if you want to move your troops to the enemy's base, they'll get stuck at the minerals because they're trying to go right trough them.

looks actually quite good, better than most new mappers (sorry if you're not, never saw you here before). however, there is potential in this map, though balance has to be tested, I won't dare to say anything about this from theory because that map is not really standard-made, so theory is weak here.

Only removing the mineral wall will certainly create imbalances, that's for sure and that's where I see the problem.
block it off completely, for it's playable then, while it's not the other way.
Your Name
I'm new here yes, haven't just started to make maps tho.

I understand the unit pathing would be screwed up, but shouldn't human players be able to get around that?
and i keep forgetting to put my name w/ my post lol
being able to do something doesn't mean you should be glad to do it.
I'm sure you could read a word out of a text when you have the knowledge that you just have to take every 34th letter, and those will shape the word.
but you'd prefer to have the word already together, and you'd curse an auhtor if he does it with every text you have to read (aka map to play). and if he does, you just wouldn't read the text (aka play the map).

and picking letters spread in a text is almost the same as having to pick points to click EVERYTIME you want to move a unit from A to B many times, because the author of the map knew you CAN it.
wait, what?
Flo is weird sometimes ^^

You can do various stuff, whcih nnoys plyaers ingame and say "hey, get used to it". but then you can be sure, that most players don't want to play your map, after they just don't want to "get used to it" in any way.

You surely know how annoying it is to send units from highground to lowground, and then, half of them just turn around at the ramp, because of unit AI and pathfinding. but you can't do anything about that. But you can do something about this fucked up pathfinding, by just leaving these mineralwall out.

Well. as said, you can leave it in the map, if you raelly want to. i wouldn't want to play a map wich fucks up pathfinding.

But, long story short, your map looks nice. Very natural, ncie use of doodads. The gas on the naturals as well as the minerals lie a bit wird. especially the gas is in the way, which isn't that good imo. Also a hole between the main mineralline would be good, for scarabs to get through. Thats it for now.
well i edited it up some, took out the mineral block but took out the path there, so it's just water now. Moved the naturals a tiny bit further away from the main, and moved the 3rd natural (mineral only) a bit closer (not so close to center bridge). As well gapped the main minerals to allow scarab attacks from behind (wasn't thinking of that ).

the image is here

I think it'll play good.
was my example so hard to understand?
it seems pretty clear to someone who was occupied with cipher methods all day long. :<
lol. i understood some of it, but most of it was like "whaaa?".

But ya i edited the actual thing (just found out how ^.^), so u dl it.
I like the style of the map, but balancing looks pretty bad to me. Imo in TvZ, if you want a fair game, zerg needs to get a secound gas pretty fast (Nostalgia is an example somehow, terran will have a hard time getting a secound gas at all there, and the placement of the expansions is very zerg friendly there)
Something I would at least consider is putting a lonely gas or a small gas+ 2/3mineral blocks expansion near the players choke or somewhere in his base, so zerg could power from there.

Also, another expo in the bottom corners would not hurt neither imo. Overall, it could be a pretty cool map, keep on improving it:)
u think i should move the naturals back to their original locations?
which if u didnt see the original map is right here:
well changed it some more, made the naturals closer to the main choke, reduced the mineral only exp by 1 node and moved it to where the old natural was. Also created another 5 mineral exp in the bottom corners.

Not sure how much of an improvement (if one at all) this is. But I'm still questioning the area in the center, underneath each players bridge. It's pretty blank right there, should I put in more resources in that area? I was thinking a geyser and 2-3 minerals, just a small expansion so that area isn't totally neglected.
Same...Same...Same, exept nats. I always see the same in al maps.
if you write it in every fucking mapcomment, I'll do the same.
you have no idea, this map is certainly NOT the same as any other maps, so piss off :)
Sorry... 'Your Name' with the X on the GMCS is me. I just think this map is awesome. I think the only problem I could see is trying to move big armies across those bridges.
random map. Interesting, but needs a better bridge from left to right for the middle, like a huge clump of jungle or something lol

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