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Last update for (4)Neo Eclipse : 2005, 11, 10 13:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
658 (4)Neo Eclipse 128*128Travin0.2final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 10 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Looks pretty cool:) The chokes are pretty wide though. Imo it would be better if they were tighter, balance wise.
Looks good, but i don't like the double air expands. I really argued a lot with myself about the double islands on ToE, but after they are very vulnerable to any attack, i kept them.

Here they are on highground, wich makes it very easy to defend for a terran with some turrets and tanks. Also he can easily fly his CC up there. They would be beter if the terrain was unbuildable (what isn't possible :/ )

Also the map seems a bit tight for 4 players, 1on1 no problem imo.
you can block all chokes with 1 rack 1 sup
and the islands are really big so they are easy to drop
yah, this double-expand-isle could cause problems...
games will tell if it's wise/possible as terran to take those and make them unattackable (beside carriers T_T)

what purpose have the 2 mineral blocks below red's inbase-minonly?
should be imo quite hard for zerg, though. especially on close positions (top/top, bottom/bottom).
does anybody care to explain why
the issue s the following:
you have to see in games if and how easily it's possible as terran to take this double-cliff permanently. If it is actually not this hard, most games against T will end up with the terran taking this isle, and having 2nd gas, having 3rd gas.
And you'd have a problem then, because stopping this terran would be awful :/

though, it's just theory, and it depends on the largeness and the wideness of this cliff, if it's causing imbalances. It's not as vulnerable as the double-expo-isle on Temple of Eden, that's for sure.
i dont agree
the cliffs are atleast double size then the one on temple of eden,
the mains are lowground so counterattack works better and the expands have less minerals...
and its harder to def bigger cliffs lol i dont see your point at all
flo just can't say "Good work, nothing to improve" ^^

This map looks pretty perfect to me :/
yea keep it as it is. ust because it is alot of money doesnt mean you HAVE to use it all.
I can say good work, nothing to improve :p

I knew that this map looks really flawless, so the only thing I said was the only thing that could _possibly_ cause trouble.
it's clear, isn't it? when I say there's just one thing that could maybe harm the gameplay on this map, it obviously implies that there aren't any other things I would criticize. I'd mentioned it if not.

do you misunderstand me on purpose? I already said like "great map, cannot see any problems" often enough, so what's your matter, panschk?

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