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Last update for (2)HighwayPatroll : 2005, 11, 15 19:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
659 (2)HighwayPatroll 128*96NoNamedOne1.0final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 60 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

Bases are very close which will alow p to do a devastating proxyrush on t, and if t survives he will have no problems at all sieging p to pieces
yes i wos thinking about it 2, but when i done bigger map, the bases wos realy LONG drom eachother
then, maybe, yeah, make a map between those extreme layouts (hell near, hell far away)?

and for god's sake, get rid of this disgusting mineral placement.
dont see anythink bad at minerals, u only like kiding to ppls floth... and there isnt any map size between those 2, if i wont have mains at corner i must chose and i chosed this cuz of i think its beter
Or as in other words:

You mineralplacement looks very mechanic, not very natural, try to invent (or copy) a more natural shape of the minealfields. Also beware of the Gas Issue.
Flo means, you could change the position of the ramp, to influence the distance. Hes a bully sometimes...
flo take it easy please. Youre litterally scaring people away from this site.
to lis:
i had read gas ises more then onec, mouth of gases are placed up/left, but the at natures expos can't, if i place to left one of player gas can be tankted and mass eazily harased from autside then the other, and if i put at total top, realy small place under the ramp.... so i atlest placed them symetrical at bouth ppls.

can u say me whits ramp u mean/why+how u think i shud move?
It's about the gas in the main, you can put the gas at top position, and the minerals on the left or right mapedge.

Also i would place the ramp where the gas is at the natural now, roughly.
hmm intresing sugestion, i wonted the exe at other side of the wall, but its prob. beter if i miss this and put the entrances longer from eachother, i will think about it at the eavning and upgraid it. thx list
Well, this map looks just like (2)CharDestiny, same concept :/ . Now we wait for jungle theme?
well sorry, but that's me. I am sarcastic, I like to tease, I like to haunt and I like to bold.
And I don't change for others, except for a few people.

Though, it's seldom meant in a serious way, just my way to aversomething :)
people that know me know about this, and so it's very funny, for I am not unsocial or anything when it comes to serious topics. I just have fun most of the time, and I've been mod in a certain forum now where flaming was quite entertaining, though never really slagging someone off.

I'm a nice guy actually, though you wouldn't believe it on first glance :D
*to be bold
*to aver something

and to make it clear: I don't have any problems with someone from the page here, or NoNamedOne in special, it's just fun :<
LGI" y its looks similar, its somethink like CharDestiny v 2.0..... i dony like mass rework map, beter bild one whits similar looks, but some changes.... i think if i rework-reworkted-reworkted-reworkted-reworkted-reworkted-reworkted map, i wil lost in it.....

flo: kk..... :)
uploadet new verzion, reworkted the entrances to 1st exe, and cuz of it 2nd exe reworkted2, one exe deleted, but theats only good i think (anyway 3,5groud exe/player+1air)...
This i sgetting better. Keep it up and you will make a really nice map out of this
tt thx :)... if we are in can u say somethink u think i can upgr/it bad on it?
If you rework, rework, rework etc, etc... You will improve yourself a lot. One of the things in maps that are hard to fix is that you really became a good map maker if you fix the probmel. I got such maps. I spent 10 hours in a row, to fix something. Well for 10 hours i chaged the map really... but i don't give up :). After that i fill upgraded :D
The ramps: I don't like how the path next to your ramp is so narrow. It will be hard to build anything near them, and units might act more stupid than they normally do. changing the directions of the ramp, just doing it the "normal way" would be better imo.
Island expansion: Make it bigger, and make the shape more appealing somehow.

Middle between both player's natural: I would add another neutral expansion here. Also see my GMCS comment on how to re-structure it for mor flanking room on the top half.

red player's main: On the left side, the high ground does not access the map edge. fix that.

decoration: Take a look at maps like Space pirates, Innocence faded or Arena to get an idea how you could improve the looks of your map. I don't say what you have to do exactly, just try to make it more decorated.

edited it a bit, some coments?
the map itself looks very boring and empty. make some good decoration
updated it a bit, mouth vizual changes... any coments plz?

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