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Last update for (4)hornet0.3 : 2005, 12, 03 11:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
723 (4)hornet0.3 unknownnoname0.1final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Oh, this is my type of maps. Feels like in old school times, with open main, still not that open... Well i like the map very much, but still i don't dare to make such map, because i know that it's not going to be accepted. Well i don't see any mistakes from the picture, except the leaks near the bridges in mains. Did you test that is save vs lings? Even that it is a large bridge... still if lings pass trought there, it will be anoying.
motivated by starparty last rmc i created a 4 player map, that's (imo) more suitable for 2on2 than 1on1. i used mains with two entrance concept to allow players more like sneaky strats. :) the area behind the catwalk at min only nats is supposed to act like a shared cliff.
..i know the map might seem a bit cramped and stuff, but i don't think, that will cause to mutch problems as there are enought possibilitis to simply go around a pushing t and attack his main from the other side.

and i won't bother adding it to the contest, because nobody feels connected to anyone in this map.. :P
lgi, you've been faster than my introduction comment. >_< time i will think about what i'll state about the map before uploading. *g*

i don't see any of my present or future maps accepted. so i just create what i feel like.. but i'm glad it suits your taste. :)
..didn't test anything yet though. only finished first beta and uploaded to hear comments befor going on.
I think it is a false approch to make mainbases _harder_ to defend for 2on2 than 1on1. holding a 2on1 attack is hard enough already, and zerg is quite strong too even without two entries.

That's just some general comment, your maps is very well executed still.
I would love to play Free For All on this map, i will try to do this soon, but it's hard to find 4 people ready for Free For All. People don't like this type of game much...
I like it a lot. It looks way more detailed as your last maps i'd say, very well executed. Panschk already said what i had in mind, that it's just hard to defend against 2 ona normal map, but well, yes, why not. maybe everyone fears his opponent so much, that the fights will take place in the center :P
For gameplay it would be a plus if defending 1on2 becomes next to impossible and players need to help. But for balance it becomes pretty bad, because zerg is already so strong in 2on2, a terran can't really run around across the map before his academy finishes.
i've been inspired by usan_nation to a certan extend. because i thought the games i saw on it where quite interesting. ..didn't know about the strengh of z in 2on2 ^_^; (my main interest in starcraft atm is watching 1on1 vods of starleagues)

i made the second entrance a bit smaller. both chokes are now wall-able with one rax. should make the defending a bit easier. and this will give you the ability to move out yourself imo. :)
..although i guess the former bridge entrance won't be ling-safe. : still didn't test anything.
Hm, somehow i think you can do better for the vertical positions. The patch is just a straight line to the map edge. If you just make the expand with face to the center, not the map edge, and re-arange the terrain, so the patch will be blocked, and will continue trought the center.
i also noticed that there's this straight line from main to main. this path was intended to give you the opinion whether you move through the middle or go directly to your enemy.. but i agree: it sucks ^_^; i thought up to alternativ layouts for these spots. (ok. the one on the left is actually your suggestion, lgi :P) here they are whitch one do you like more? i'm leaning towards the island/min only and will use this one, if no one complaints and tells me reasons contra this and pro the other suggestion.
[x]minonly-island, for gameplay. though, only terran will be able to use it permanently: abd this is the prob, he can shoot units from there :[

i'd go for the isle and test ingame how strong this affects gameplay...
guess you must only counterdrop early, for it's not usable as hidden-let's-build-some-turrets-first-without-enemy-knowing-it-now-it's-mine-expo
updated with islands.

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